Cleaning Sliding Glass Door Tracks

Cleaning Sliding Glass Door Tracks

Sliding glass doors offer easy access to the outdoors but if you find yourself forcing your sliding glass doors open or they feel stuck along their tracks, it’s time for some sliding glass door maintenance. Here are some simple tips on how you can clean your sliding door tracks.

Clear the track of debris

Because your sliding door tracks separates the inside and outside of your home, at times outside dirt and debris like leaves and mud can get caught. Using either a vacuum extension or your hands (with gloves on) remove the larger debris and blockage from the track. Getting this out of the way first will make the rest of the cleaning process easier.

Scrub it down

Next it’s time to get rid of that hard-to-get grime and muck that builds up in the creases of the track. This is what’s slowing the motion of your sliding door and making it harder to push and pull. Using a toothbrush or a similar tool, use warm soapy water to scrub and remove any visible grime.


Using a solution to go over again and scrub is a good way to prevent debris buildup in the future and prolong the life of your door. In a bucket, mix half white vinegar with warm water, and use this on the stubborn dirt along the track. After this, wipe the entire track dry with a paper towel.

You should notice an immediate difference in the ease of difficulty when sliding your door open and closed.

Your sliding door tracks can collect dirty and grime that gunk up the free movement of the door. Forcing the door to close through the grime can cause damage to the door and its components. If you find yourself giving your sliding door an extra push and shove to operate it, stop and take a look at cleaning your sliding door tracks. Failing to maintain your sliding door track can lead to permanent damage, which can lead to the need to replace your entire door frame. Save yourself the headache and practice regular maintenance.

If you have cleaned your sliding door tracks and you still find the door is hard to open and close, you may already have some structural damage, or you might need to adjust the rollers.


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