Windows for a Cottage Style Home

Windows for a Cottage Style Home

The cottage style home is having a resurgence, and many homeowners have fallen for this rural yet modernized look. The term “cottage style” has a wide definition, but ultimately falls to the rustic feel, materials, and architectural features.  

Designing a Modern Cottage Style Home 

While this type of home has many variations, there are a few key features of a cottage style home.  

  • Exposed Wood Beams. Look for high pointed ceilings seen from the outside, with exposed wood beams on the interior, which adds a rustic feel. This detailing gives a comforting and minimalistic element, which is associated with cottage style.  
  • Natural Materials. You will often see wood, stone, and stucco on a cottage-type home. Wood can be implemented in shingles, stucco is often used for siding, and stone can be included in many details like pathways, countertops, and decorative pieces.  
  • Warm Colors. Cream or white walls blend well with warm-colored natural elements like wood and stone. 
  • Textures. Adding textured elements like wood grain and stucco makes a home feel cozy and immersed in nature. These elements can make any home feel rustic, whether in a rural, suburban, or city-like area. 
  • Natural Light. Having large windows and lots of natural light can make any space feel larger, which is important especially in the original cottage-style homes, which tend to be smaller, but feel spacious and airy. Installing large picture, bay, bow or even simple double-hung windows can make all the difference by letting in light and sunshine.  


What Type of Windows Fit a Cottage Style Home? 

Choosing the right types of windows is important in any style home, but since natural light is such a huge factor in cottage style homes, installing the right windows is an extra important decision. There are many options that match well and add to the natural and warm feel. 

Double-Hung windows offer natural light as well as functionality since they can be opened from either the top or the bottom. This is a good way to add modern functionality to a rustic style home. Double hung windows can come in lots of sizes so even a smaller room can have a window that includes function in a smaller space. 

Casement windows offer the option to be installed solo or in combination with another window type. They hinge at the side and open using a crank to allow fresh air into a smaller space. 

Bay and bow windows add more space to your home’s interior, which will make it feel larger and more spacious. A great way to intertwine the coziness of a cottage style home through bay and bow windows is to make the extra pace into a reading nook. These windows add extra square footage for a small couch or seating area while letting in ample sunlight making it a great spot great for lounging and reading.  

Garden windows pair well with the natural vibe of a cottage style homes. Usually located in the kitchen, these windows are a perfect place for housing plants, another decorative detail that can make any home feel more cottage-style 

Add detailing to your windows to compliment the textures and details within the typical cottage style home. There are many options for grates and grilles that can add a bit of texture to your window and make your home feel more personalized to you. Customized shapes and sizes can complement the architecture of your bungalow. 

When you’re ready to install new windows on your cottage style home, call a window expert to help you discuss your options and ensure your vision will come to life. Along with professional installation, your windows will not only look beautiful, but will also be energy efficient and fitted to last a lifetime.