Darker vs Lighter Roof Shingles

Darker vs Lighter Roof Shingles

There are a few basic home improvement decisions to make when replacing or adding a roof for your home. First, choose a licensed, experienced roofing company with an excellent track record and favorable feedback from previous customers.  

Next, decide what type of roof you would like for your house. Ask prospective contractors about ventilation, airtightness, and waterproofing, and do your homework on the available materials and colors for roof shingles. It might surprise you to know that there are concrete reasons for using dark vs light-colored roof shingles. The color of roof shingles makes a difference in attic temperature and energy efficiency, and it can even affect snowmelt. 

Dark vs Light Colored Roof Shingles 

Style Factors 

A general rule of thumb is that lighter roof shingles go best with a light palette of paint choices for your house. Darker-colored shingles complement the same tones in your home’s paint accents. However, the style and color of your dwelling reflect your individual taste, and there’s no hard and fast rule about choosing one or the other. Thompson Creek roofing experts are available to help you decide which color roof shingles will improve your home’s overall curb appeal. 

Climate Factors 

Dark Shingles 

Dark-colored shingles absorb heat, making them a good choice for your roof if you live in a cold part of the country. They also release heat more quickly, allowing snow to melt faster and discouraging pooling and water overflow. Dark shingles help keep the attic temperature warmer, allowing less heat to escape from your home. However, adequate ventilation lets enough heat escape to prevent mold buildup. 

Light Shingles 

In the debate over dark vs light-colored roof shingles, lighter ones win hands down when it comes to deflecting heat. In warm climates, heat can build up in the attic, lowering the energy efficiency of a home. If you live in a warm, humid part of the country like Florida, the color of roof shingles makes a difference. The extensive ventilation included in a Thompson Creek roof will also help prevent the moisture buildup and mold that can occur in this type of climate. 

Composite Colors 

Blended colors such as gray are an option if you feel that the color is a better fit for the style of your home, and homeowners who live in areas with climate extremes can also benefit from this color compromise. More than the color of your shingles, however, the quality of your roof will determine how it serves you in years to come. Thompson Creek GAF shingles give your roof layers of protection with reinforced fiberglass-mesh asphalt. Having a solid, well-functioning roof improves not only your comfort but also the value of your home. 

Expert Roof Installation with Thompson Creek 

Thompson Creek roofs don’t just protect your home from rain, snow, and ice. They also breathe, allowing ventilation and healthy air circulation throughout the house. We’re also the experts at installing doors, windows, siding, and gutters. 

Our roof installation professionals can do more than help with your decision about dark vs light-colored roof shingles. They will also ensure that your roof has all the features you need for a dry and secure home, protecting against leakage and reinforcing vulnerable areas. 

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