Decorating Outside for Spring and More!

Decorating Outside for Spring and More!

Spring Outdoor Decorating Ideas

Winter might not be over yet, but there’s no time like the present to start thinking about spring outdoor decorating ideas. This is because before you know it, warmer weather will be returning. If you’re having some trouble coming up with ideas because your mind can’t see past the snow and ice, don’t worry. Here are five easy DIY projects to make decorating outside for spring a thing of beauty.

#1: Update the Front Door

The front door on your home is more than just the home’s entry point. It also gives your guests their first impressions when visiting. So, after winter relinquishes its hold on the land, spruce up your front door by giving it a fresh coat of paint in a cheerful new color. It’s a simple and affordable project that can deliver a tremendous impact to your home’s curb appeal.

#2: Add Fabrics to the Patio

Patio furniture can be bland and boring and the cushions they come with can be equally unimpressive. One way to add some color and personality to your patio is to incorporate other types of fabrics, such as colorful rugs, plush throw pillows and seat cushions, drapes and more. Just make sure you use fabrics that are suitable for outdoor use and let your imagination be your guide.

#3: Don’t Forget the Porch Ceiling

If your home sports a covered porch or patio, then the ceiling offers ample opportunity for personalizing the space. You can install a couple of ceiling fans to help circulate the air, one or more charming chandeliers to add an elegant touch or you can add some greenery to your porch by hanging potted basket arrangements under the porch ceiling instead of around its perimeter.

#4: Upcycle to Make Interesting Planters

Flowerpots are always welcome spring outdoor decorating ideas, but this year why not try something different? Instead of using the same-old, tired pots, look for alternative vessels to use for planters. This can be anything from a pair of old rainboots to the wagon you used to play with as a child. Your options are only limited by your creativity, and your outdoor space will be all the more interesting for it.

#5: Make a Spring Wreath

Painting the front doors is one way to impress your guests, but it’s not the only option you have. If you like your front door the way it is, then spruce it up by creating a spring wreath for it. All the materials you need for this project are available at your local crafts supply store for less than the cost of buying one already made. And, by doing it yourself, you can impart your own sense of style and creativity to the final piece.

Decorating Outside for Spring and More!

While decorating outside for spring can help beautify your home, sometimes it might not be enough. If your home’s exterior needs a facelift this spring, having new siding installed can deliver a beautiful result and an impressive return on the investment. Not only will your home look the best it ever has, but you’ll also enjoy greater energy efficiency and a higher market value.

Spring is the most popular time of year for homeowners looking to have a new entry door or new siding installed on their homes, so if this is something you want to have done, you don’t want to wait to schedule your project. Contact Thompson Creek today to get a free estimate for your home project.