Steps to Deep Clean Front Doors

Steps to Deep Clean Front Doors

Your front door is a workhorse that often doesn’t get enough credit — it does everything from protecting your home to adding to its curb appeal. It’s easy to overlook your exterior doors when you create your to-do list, but keeping it clean is important for many reasons. Here is a guide on how to clean doors in your home.  

Benefits of Deep Cleaning Front Doors 

Your front door gets exposed to dirt, pollen and all types of outdoor debris that can build up on it. Learning how to clean your front door can make it easier to maintain. It also improves curb appeal, which is especially important if your home is on the market or you’re considering selling it.   

Cleaning your door also helps remove bacteria and viruses that might cling to it, especially the door handle. Sanitizing those high-touch surfaces can help keep germs out of your home to help keep your family healthier.  

How To Clean Doors 

For any type of door, you’ll need a cleaning rag or gentle brush. You’ll also need an appropriate cleaner, which can vary based on the door material. Below is a general guide for how to clean a front door, with additional details following based on different materials: 

  • Wipe away any loose dirt using a gentle brush or cloth. 
  • Scrub the door using the selected cleaner with a brush or cloth, working from the top of the door to the bottom. 
  • Rinse the door with clean water or a damp cloth to remove the cleaner. 
  • Wash the door hardware using the selected cleaning products. Rinse the handle to remove the cleaner. 
  • Wipe the door with a dry towel to remove excess moisture.  

Wood Doors 

For a wood door, use the above steps for how to clean doors, using mild soap and warm water as the cleaner. You can also add a small amount of Murphy’s oil soap to the water if the door is stained.  

Rinse the door well and dry it completely with a towel when you’re done. Your exterior wood door should be able to handle plenty of moisture, but you want it to be dry if you’re adding polish.  

Steel Doors 

Steel doors are very strong and durable, but debris can scratch the surface, so wipe it away gently. Then, spray on an all-purpose cleaner and wipe the door clean with a soft, wet sponge or rag. Rinse the cleaner off the surface when you’re done.  

Fiberglass Doors 

Vinegar works well to clean a sturdy fiberglass door. Mix 1 cup of white vinegar with 1 gallon of water, and use a soft sponge to apply the solution. A soft-bristled brush can work on stubborn areas. 

Protect the Door 

A large part of cleaning wooden doors is making sure to protect them. Furniture polish or wax can maintain a wood door and its cleanliness.  

Apply liquid wood furniture polish or wax with a rag once the door is clean. Go with the direction of the grain. Don’t apply polish if your wood door is painted. 

Cleaning can keep your door in good condition and looking nice, but it’s not always enough. If your door is extensively damaged or deteriorating, you might need to replace it. Thompson Creek offers a variety of replacement doors in different styles and finishes to fit the exterior of your home. Contact us for more information if you need a replacement.