Design Trends for Front Entry Doors

Design Trends for Front Entry Doors

Trends come and go in home design, just as they do for cars, clothes and other expressions of your personal style. The difference is that home style trends tend to stick around for much longer, given that you live in your home a lot longer than you’re likely to drive a particular car. 

A lot of that style is centered in front entry doors and their surrounding porches since they are the parts of your house most people will see up close first. Designs for this area tend to be simple, easy to implement, affordable and beautiful. 

Wooden Doors With Cut Glass 

Wooden doors with glass window panes are a timeless classic that never seems to go out of style. For exterior doors, solid oak and strong composites are favorites, though these usually take a bit of upkeep over the years. 

If the front of your house gets good light, consider installing sidelight windows up and down the trim, which make a cathedral effect in your entryway. At the opposite end of the spectrum, a speakeasy door with no glass at all but just a barred window you can open near the top is quite trendy. 

Arched Doors 

Arched doors are slightly outside the normal rectangular design, which makes for a subtle but memorable effect when people see them. The arch doesn’t have to be ornate to be striking, though it’s a good idea to get expert advice before deciding to alter the stress on your doorway’s lintel. Arched doors usually come with their own arched frame, and the installation process may include bracing the wall to keep everything plumb. 

Bright Paint 

Bright paint has been a popular choice for entryways since people first discovered pigments and invented the doors to use them on. You get a bit of artistic license with the front entry door to your house, so have fun with the paint. 

Bright red is popular for its associations with good luck, while cool blue looks tranquil and inviting. You can even take a chance on bold contrast with the rest of your home’s color palette. 

Doors With Detailed Designs 

Advanced construction techniques have made it easier than ever to build intricate design work into front entry doors. As a result, this has taken off as a popular option. From simple raised panels to elaborate scrollwork, the upper limit to the design of your front entry door is your own imagination. 

Rain Chains 

Moving away from the door itself and onto the porch and gutters, rain chains are one of the most exciting exterior fashion trends of the last decade. Instead of a straight water spout, rain chains let water cling to a surface to guide rain down over an iron or bronze chain. Not only is this visually appealing, but you can hang a bell from the bottom to act like a wind chime in the rain. 

You can try many options when designing or renovating your front entry door. Speaking with an expert gives you a clear picture of what’s available and how you can make your home’s entrance beautiful and inviting. Contact us today for a free consultation and a price quote for your new entry door.