Types of Storm Doors

Types of Storm Doors

You’ve decided on a storm door for your home because you want the energy-saving benefits of an additional layer of protection and the look and feel of access to the outdoors.

Now to choose one! Here’s a look at the types of storm doors for your home.


Full-View Storm Doors



As its name implies, full-view storm doors feature a full-sized glass panel inset into a narrow frame.

Often times this type of storm door offers an interchangeable screen so you can pop in the screen to take full advantage of seasonal breezes without propping open the front door. Some full-view storm doors even have an optional hidden screen to make the transition even easier.

Full-view storm doors provide a great view to the outside while staying protected against the elements. Watch a rain storm, enjoy a snowfall while standing behind your full view storm door.

This traditional full-view storm door can also highlight a decorative front door without obscuring it with panels.


Half-View Storm Doors


These storm doors feature one or two panels of glass at the top and solid door panels on the bottom. It’s just the combination you need for a high traffic door that still gives you the light and airy feel of a storm door.

High-View Storm Doors


Shrink the amount of paned area in the storm door and you have a high view storm door. This allows for the maximum amount of solid door while incorporating a glass panel at the top. This is best to install if you need the added protection of the storm door but don’t necessarily want additional light. They provide some ventilation at the top without compromising security.

Do You Want a Storm or a Screen Door?

While you can have a storm door with optional screens, the opposite cannot be said for a screen door. Generally, a storm door is much sturdier in construction than a screen door. Your basic screen door has for the most part two jobs: to let in the cool breeze and to keep out the bugs. A storm door takes on the more arduous task of helping to protect the home against sun, rain, snow and wind. This can be especially important if the front entrance does not have an overhang or porch area to buffer the elements from the front of the home.


Benefits of a Storm Door

There are several main benefits to a storm door for your home:

  • Allowing natural light and fresh air into your home
  • Enhancing your home’s curb appeal
  • Protecting your entry door
  • Creating an additional energy-efficient buffer for your home
  • Serving as a layer of security at your entrance


Customizing Your Storm Door

Once you have decided on the type of storm door that fits your needs, you can customize your door with the use of hidden screens, custom hardware,x and even a pet door for Fido to come and go when he wants.

Creating the perfect storm door for your home is easy with the help of a Thompson Creek expert. We can walk you through the types of storm doors available to make sure you select the right one for your Mid-Atlantic home. At Thompson Creek our professional-grade storm doors will provide maximum energy efficiency and the function you want from your new storm door. Call us today for your free estimate.