What Is a Storm Door & Is It Right for My Home?

What Is a Storm Door & Is It Right for My Home?

You might think of a creaky screen door playing an ominous scene-setter in a horror movie, but an energy efficient storm door actually can actually provide additional security and energy efficiency to your home.

The front entrance to your home is your home’s first impression. You can protect that new front door and even add curb appeal adding a storm door.

How does a Storm Door Work?

A storm door is installed as an outer door that can help to preserve the integrity of your front door. The storm door usually comes with interchangeable screens and glass panels so the storm door can also help ventilate the home in the summer and even allow more natural light into the home by keeping the main door open and the storm door closed. In winter, the additional thermal barrier created between your storm door and main entry door helps to keep the home warmer.

Storm doors are often made from vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass or wood. Most homeowners opt to purchase a storm door that matches their trim.

Storm doors are made to close automatically so you don’t have to worry about shutting the door behind you. The do include a mechanism that allows you to manually keep the door in place.

What are the Benefits of a Storm Door?

There are several benefits to storm doors: energy efficiency, natural light, ventilation and add security.

  • If your main entry door is solid, your foyer area is likely pretty dark. A storm door gives a homeowner the option to keep the home safely security while opening the entry door to allow natural light into the home.
  • Storm doors swapped with screens can also provide homeowners that extra breeze on a spring day so you can crank down the AC and let Mother Nature do the work.
  • If you have an older front entry door, a storm door can provide that extra layer of energy efficiency to help trap warm air inside the home much like double-pane windows do for your home.
  • Storm doors can also help protect your investment of a new entry door. The storm door can take the brunt of the hail, rain and sleet that might damage your pricey exterior door. They can also deflect the sun’s rays and diffuse the intensity of the heat helping to extend the life of your entry door and prevent it from warping and fading.
  • The additional locks on storm doors give that one extra layer of protection for your home. The heavy duty glass and additional locks just might be what deters an intruder from your home.
  • Storm doors can also be found in the rear of the home. This allows a homeowner to bring natural light in without inviting nosey neighbors to peek inside the home. The storm door can also let homeowners see when the family pet wants to come back inside from the backyard.

What is the Maintenance Required for a Storm Door?

Your storm door is at its best when it is functioning properly. Check that hinges and latches are working properly so the storm door closes tightly. The storm door glass panels may need periodic cleaning especially from pets or kids. Soap and water or glass cleaner is best. If screens are in use those can be cleaned with a brush and some soap and water as well.

Why Should You Choose a Storm Door from Thompson Creek?

At Thompson Creek, we install only professional-grade storm doors that are made using 20 percent thicker aluminum than storm doors found in most home improvement stores. That means our doors are more energy efficient and sturdier.

Storm doors should complement your home. That’s why our storm doors are available in 16 frame colors with full or half-view glass panels. You can also pick your decorative glass styles or custom hardware. Even Fido can have his own custom storm door entry.

Even though they are called storm doors, these doors aren’t just for stormy weather. Call a Thompson Creek professional day to see just how a storm door might be a beautiful and functional addition to your home in any weather!