Do you Need Gutters on the Second Story

Do you Need Gutters on the Second Story


You have a two or three-story house, do you need gutters on the second story? Check out this blog from Thompson Creek to find out where you might need gutters on your home.

If your home has multiple stories or a unique roofing style, deciding on where to install your gutter system can get a little confusing. It can be helpful to know about the function of gutters and why they are important. Rain gutters function by catching rainfall from the edge of your roof and directing it toward a downspout and away from the foundation. This is especially helpful in climates with heavy thunderstorms or inclement weather.

Gutter systems should be placed on all sides along your home’s roof edge, but there is no “one size fits all” guide to gutter installation. This is why installation should be left to a professional. However, there are a few things to know about gutters that can help indicate where your gutter system should be placed.

  • Your gutter system should be placed on your main roof on the top story of your house. This is done in order to catch rainwater at the tallest point and begin to direct it to the downspout.


  • Gutters should be placed on all sides of your home along the edge of the roof. This way rainfall is prevented from avoiding the gutters and gathering on the ground near your foundation.


  • Downspouts are drainpipes that carry water from your gutters to the ground. They are usually placed near a corner of the house at a steep angle to allow runoff to flow out of the bottom end.


  • The water runoff is directed away from the foundation using correct positioning of the downspout. Water that stays near the foundation of your house can seep into the soil, destroy landscaping and cause damage along with structural issues to your home.

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