Double Hung Window Parts

Double Hung Window Parts

It’s important to understand the different components of a double hung window before you dive into a window replacement.  We’re going to break down the components of a double hung window so that you can become a window expert before your next home improvement project. 

Common Window Parts: 


The window frame is the outer support that gives the window its shape. Making up the framework are the head, jambs and sill. 


The head of the window sits opposite of the sill, and it is the horizontal piece on the top of the window frame.  


The window jambs are the two vertical pieces on either side of the window. 

Window Sill 

The window sill is the main horizontal piece that sits at the bottom of the window, and is also referred to as the “stool”.  


What most envision when you think of a window is the glass portion. Whether it is a double pane or single pane, the center portion of the window features see-through glass panels inside the window frame.  

Double-hung Window Parts 

Double hung windows are different to single hung windows in that they have two panels that can be moved up and down. With this added functional feature, this style has operational parts that single hung windows don’t. It’s important to know these terms that are specific to double hung windows.  


Double hung windows have two sashes, which are the movable parts of the window. It is the casing that holds the glass panels in place. 


The rails are the horizontal parts of the window frame at the top and bottom of the sash. Double hung windows have three sashes that move up and down.  


The window balance is the spring-like mechanism that is used to “balance” the window sash and keep it in place when it’s being opened or closed. This component is found hidden inside the window’s frame. 


A good locking system is vital to a double hung window since both panels are functional. A latch lock is the most common type of locking system, and functions by turning a small handle to the side to restrict the panels from sliding. 

Double hung windows can increase your home’s resale value and have more functionality than single hung windows.  Knowing the components of a double hung window will help you to better communicate with your contractor who may use these terms during the installation process. If you’re looking for more information on the parts that make double hung windows different from single hung ones, visit our website to view our window products or give us a call.