Double Hung Window Sizes

Double Hung Window Sizes

If your home is like most you have a combination of window types such as double hung, slider window or bay windows. When replacing any of your windows the process can be easier, quicker and less expensive if the swap is for standard sizes.  

Let’s take a look at one of the most common window type- double hung windows and how you will know if your double hung windows are standard sized meaning, they fit into openings with common dimension categories. 

How do I know if my window is Double Hung? 

Double hung and single-hung windows can appear very similar, however there is one major difference. Double hung windows have two sashes that can both move up and down. That means both can be used to allow air to circulate into the home. Double hung windows often come with ability to tilt inward to allow for easy cleaning.  

What are the standard sizes for a double hung window? 

Double hung windows are taller than they are wide. The width of standards double-hung windows ranges from 24 to 48 inches. The height of standard double-hung windows ranges from 35 to 72 inches.  

Here are the most common standard double hung window combinations:  

  • 2 feet wide by 3 feet high 
  • 2 feet wide by 4 feet, 4 inches high 
  • 2 feet, 8 inches wide by 4 feet high 
  • 2 feet, 8 inches wide by 5 feet, 2 inches high 
  • 4 feet wide by 6 feet high 

While the measurements are common, the way manufacturers identify the product may seem a bit tricky. Window manufacturers identify window sizes using four digits- the first two for the window’s width and last two for the window’s height. That’s why you will see window sizing descriptions such as 2840 which stands for 2 feet, 8 inches wide by 4 feet high. 

How to measure for replacement windows 

There are few important beginning steps when buying replacement windows 

  1. Determining the condition of your existing window frame. If it is damaged or rotted, it won’t support a replacement window and instead will need a new-construction window.

  2. Making sure your current windows are all square by measuring the current window diagonally from corner to corner. The numbers should be within ¼ inch of each other to be eligible for a replacement window.

  3. Measuring with accuracy the width and height and depth of your window. 

Where should I use double-hung windows in my home? 

Double hung windows have the advantage over single-hung windows of having two operational sashes, that means they can open from the top down and from the bottom up. They often will also be able to tilt in to make cleaning the exterior of the window more convenient.  

Double hung windows are the most common window style for your home. They are perfect for areas where you would like to encourage more air flow, and in rooms higher than the ground floor to make cleaning easier. 

If you are looking to replace your home’s windows and you’re unsure if your windows are standards sizes, call the experts at Thompson Creek. Installing the wrong window size can cause damage to your home, reduce energy efficiency, and contribute to unhealthy indoor air quality. Our professionals expertly measure your home’s windows to make sure you get the right fit and the right window for your enjoyment.