Easy DIY Spring Décor Ideas

Easy DIY Spring Décor Ideas

Spring DIY Projects


Spring is most certainly the season that calls the loudest to DIYers everywhere. It’s the time of year when we dust off our tools, clear our workbenches, and get creative. But it can be tough thinking of spring DIY projects when winter isn’t over yet. Luckily, the experts at Thompson Creek Window Company have you covered.

Easy DIY Spring Décor Ideas

In this guide, you’ll find six easy DIY spring décor ideas that will show off your handiwork and ingenuity. These projects are fun for the whole family – learn more about some of our favorite ideas.

#1: Colander Planters

A good hanging planter needs two things – plenty of holding capacity, and good drainage. If you’re looking for an unconventional planter to decorate your patio with this year, try using colanders. Colanders come in an array of vibrant colors and you can probably find them used and on the cheap at your local flea market.

#2: Spring Paper Wreaths

Christmas isn’t the only time you can use wreaths as décor. This spring, why not make these colorful paper wreaths using dyed book pages and hang them on your walls for a one-two punch of color and fun. Hang them solo or in a cluster for a one-of-a-kind art display.

#3: Floral Spring Sign

Spring is the season when color returns to the land. So, why not celebrate the return of the blooms by making a floral spring sign for hanging over your fireplace mantel? This one of the best spring DIY projects you can do with your children because there’s really no way to get it wrong!

#4: Custom Birdhouses

Head to your local crafts supply store and you’ll discover that they’re already getting ready for spring. Pick up a few wooden birdhouses and some paint and brushes, and take a Saturday afternoon to create some custom birdhouses for your yard. This will make your yard the place to be for birds migrating north after the winter’s over.

#5: Blossom Chandelier

Sometimes, simple is best. With this blossom chandelier, you can create a simplistic but elegant wall display using a few test tubes, a piece of wood, some blossoms, and a bit of twine.

#6: Floral Wall Clock

If you’re looking for DIY spring projects that are as practical as they are beautiful, then you’re going to love this floral wall clock project. Best of all, it’s easy and affordable to make and it’s the perfect wall display to celebrate the Earth’s rebirth.

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