What Is The Best Material for Exterior Doors?

What Is The Best Material for Exterior Doors?


Replacing the exterior door on your home is one of the easiest ways to instantly improve its curb appeal. It’s also an excellent investment because depending on the material the door is made from, you can recoup as much as 101.8% of its cost upon the selling of your home.

When choosing your exterior door materials, there are several factors to consider because each type of material comes with its own visual appeal, security, insulation, and maintenance needs. In this guide, you’ll learn the pros and cons of the different types of doors, so you can choose the best material for your new exterior door.


Steel doors are very strong and durable, and they don’t crack or warp like doors made from other materials. They also provide an excellent level of security to a home in addition to being energy efficient. Steel is virtually maintenance-free, but to keep rust from forming over time, the door should be painted.

This also means that any scratches that develop while the door is in use should be painted over quickly. Steel doors are among the most widely available and affordable on the market. While they’re very strong, they can suffer dents if impacted too hard, and dents can be very difficult to repair.


There’s no denying the beauty and uniqueness that a wood door brings to a home. Solid wood doors are also loved for their heavy-duty durability and excellent security, but all those benefits do come at a cost – wood doors are among the most expensive available.

While wood doors are resistant to wear and damage, they do require regular repainting or refinishing to limit wear and tear from being exposed to the elements. Another advantage of a wood door is that when it does get scratched or dented, repairs are easier to perform than they would be on doors made from other materials.


Fiberglass doors are popular among homeowners because they can be designed to look like wood, but without the ongoing maintenance requirements that wood demands. This type of door has good energy efficiency because it is filled with insulation and it can resist wear and damage from the elements arguably better than both steel and wood, but only when made from the very highest quality materials. Poorly made fiberglass doors have been known to crack in very cold temperatures, and even the best quality fiberglass can crack with a hard impact. With fiberglass, it really is a case of getting what you pay for.

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