Exterior Front Door Glass

Exterior Front Door Glass

Your front door should set the tone for your house, since it’s the first thing your guests will see. A front door with window additions will let in extra sunlight, fill your entryway with lots of natural light and make your home feel welcoming. Your front door is highly customizable, and there are many exterior door options that can come with glass additions directly on the door, or in the form of sidelight windows.  

Standard Doors 

A standard front door is what you will see on most homes, where there is a singular door at the entryway of the house. Standard entryway doors can come in a variety of materials and designs to match your home’s exterior.  

Adding glass to your standard doorway will make a smaller doorway feel larger and let in natural light. There are many glass options to match your personal taste, and some that help to preserve your home’s privacy. If you decide against a standard front door with glass detailing, you can also add sidelights to amplify your front doorway and add natural light to your home.  

French Doors 

An increasingly popular style of front door is French doors. French doors are a larger door frame filled with double doors, creating a grand effect for your home’s entryway. Many French doors are designed with glassware inset, where each door has an identical glass design. This creates symmetry and an elegant feel to the doorway.  

There are many combinations of glass detailing within French doors and sidelights that are stylish. Just because you have sidelights, doesn’t mean you can also include glass detailing within your doors, and vice versa. French doors have a beautiful design for glass detailing, and leave lots of room for personal styling.  

At Thompson Creek we offer 12 different varieties of glass hardware to add to either a standard front entryway or French doors. From symphony glass which is textured and detailed, to beveled glass which acts as a mirror on the exterior side, there are many options for incorporating glass in your front doorway.  


There is the popular decision to add a sidelight area to your standard front door or French entryway doors. This can be done whether you’ve decided to include glass in your door’s design or not. Adding sidelight is simply adding smaller, skinnier windows to the side of your doorway. This is great for letting in natural light, providing a way to look outside your front door without opening it, and provides an aesthetic touch to your entryway.  

Thompson Creek offers a variety of customizable glass additions for both standard and French front entryway doors. Whatever your vision is for your front door, the experts at Thompson Creek are here to help design, purchase, and install your new front door with precision and expertise. Visit our website to view our front door options today or give us a call today.