Exterior Home Trends

Exterior Home Trends

With the fall season ushering in cooler, drier weather, there’s no better time than now to introduce a few exterior home trends to your home. Whether you prefer to do the job yourself or hire a pro, you’ll have no shortage of inspiration with these seven exterior home renovation ideas.

Glass and Iron Front Doors

A few years ago, it was trendy to paint the front door red for a splash of color. But in 2019, the red front door is unseated by something a little more regal – glass and iron front doors. While this type of door can be an expensive investment, it’s a good one. This is because a new front door can return over 100% of its investment.

Dutch Doors

Another door that’s making waves this year is the Dutch door. If you prefer wood over glass and iron, then nothing beats the beauty and functionality of a Dutch door. It opens up your space while still retaining some privacy, making it an ideal choice for enjoying those cool fall breezes.

Transom Windows

A transom window is the thin window, or windows, that sit above a door. They maximize the amount of natural light that enters a space and help to improve ventilation when opened. Plus, they’re stunning additions to your home when viewed from the curb.

Clean, Simple Landscaping

Gone are the days of overcrowded lawns. This is the time for clean and simple landscaping. Simple landscaping is easy to maintain and better emphasizes the actual home, so it’s a win-win for the homeowner.

Large House Numbers

Unless you’re a hermit and you don’t want anyone to find you, large house numbers are all the rage right now. Best of all, you can get them in a variety of unique styles, so they make it easy for you to show off your own sense of style.

Copper Gutters

Copper gutters make an instant impact on your home’s curb appeal. They add architectural interest, a bold aesthetic, and a touch of sophistication to a home. Copper gutters can be expensive, however, so if copper is beyond your budget, you can still achieve the effect by painting your existing gutters a copper color!

Natural Stone and Wood Elements

Natural stone is timeless in its appeal, so it will always be one of the top exterior home trends and 2019 is no different. Use brick, stone, and wood accents to beautify your home wherever you can. From the siding to retainer walls to walkways, you have a world of opportunities for giving your home some rustic appeal with natural stone or wood elements.

Let Thompson Creek Help You Implement Your Exterior Home Trends

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