Fall Front Porch Décor Ideas

Fall Front Porch Décor Ideas

Fall weather might be changing out your iced tea for a warm apple cider but it doesn’t mean your time spent on your front porch is done. Your front porch is the best canvas to celebrate the seasons. Here are ten great ways to decorate your front porch for fall.

  • Create cozy

Summer calls for cool colors while fall craves warm vibes. Swap out front porch cushions to stay with the season. Toss a warm blanket on the rockers for an inviting seating option. Add an outdoor rug to your porch to create seating areas. They are easy to clean and can add color to the floor.

  • String it along

Fall’s dusk comes pretty quickly so make the most of your front porch time by adding outdoor string lights. The result is a cozy atmosphere. These aren’t the same lights you use on your Christmas tree. Make sure the lights are rated for outdoors. There are some fun options that offer a modern look with globe LED bulbs, others that can be dimmed or event string lights that cast a shadow. Wayfair has some great options.

  • Conversation starter

Make people feel welcomed with a fun front welcome mat. It’s an inexpensive way to personalize your front porch and have fun with the seasons. You can have one made through websites like Etsy or you can personalize a basic design.

  • Shelter haven

Your front porch is a great place to entertain. Adding a weather-proof curtain can help to insulate the porch from the elements. That means it can make porch time an anytime affair. Outdoor curtains can add color and warmth and even a bit of privacy from your neighbor!

  • Fall foliage

Fall colors are warm and inviting so why not bring them up on the porch. Mums are popular because they are an inexpensive way to incorporate color to a display. Mix them with some gourds and pumpkins for a fall look. Boxwood is another great plant that does well on the porch in a container. Go for the real boxwood or get a tall plastic version for a no-maintenance option.

  • Gourds and pumpkins oh my!

Perfectly rounded orange pumpkins are so boring. Try a blue pumpkin referred to as an Australian Blue pumpkin or Jaradale or bright red-orange pumpkin called Cinderella or white pumpkins perfect for breaking up a décor. Stack a few to create a topiary. Use hot glue and glitter to scroll on your initials or paint your house number on a pumpkin.

  • Spell it out

Nothing says fall like a sign that well, actually says FALL. There are lots of wooden, burlap and signs made from other materials that can make your porch speak for itself! Incorporate a seasonal sign with your décor.

  • Light the way

Lanterns are a great way to add light and atmosphere to a porch. Dress them up with a bow you can swap out seasonally. Use a battery-operated candle for safety, some even flicker to mimic the real deal. Use one as part of a larger fall display or use two, one slightly larger, for a more subtle fall look.

  • Go monochromatic

Nothing looks classier than a monochromatic display. Choose one color and use hues within that color to decorate. Spray paint pumpkins to match. White or metallic gold is a great look this year. Cornhusks and some neutral-colored accessories can complete the look.

  • Put a ring on it.

Your door isn’t just a great palette for a Christmas wreath. There are gorgeous ready-made wreaths available at places like Michaels Craft Store, Target and HomeGoods. You can use the same grape vine wreath and change out decorative elements for the season, like using faux frosted leaves for winter and warm hues for fall.


Fall Porch Décor and Even More

Whether you go all-out Fall Y’all or keep it subtle, a few seasonal changes can make that summer porch your fall place to be. If you find when decorating your home you need a replacement front door because yours isn’t closing properly or the gutters above your front porch aren’t keep the water from raining down on your display, call the experts at Thompson Creek. We can help you get your porch ready to welcome your trick-or-treaters and other fall friends!