Fall Home Trends

Fall Home Trends

If you’re looking for a way to bring the comfort of autumn into your home, there are many small tweaks that will make it feel more like fall. Instead of redecorating your entire home, try focusing on a few key areas that are noticeable to guests but won’t break your bank.

Front Porch Decorations

Your front porch is a place to transition from summer to fall and set the tone for your home.

Nothing says autumn quite like pumpkins on the porch. The most efficient option would be to buy fake pumpkins, which can be found at most home decor stores as well as craft stores. They look great and come in colors like blue and white so you’re on trend without having to buy the expensive real ones. Of course, they last forever so no worries about carving early, bugs and rotting pumpkins. Carving real pumpkins could definitely be a fun fall activity for the whole family, but your masterpiece won’t last the entire season.

When arranging your pumpkins on the porch, think of them almost like a bouquet. Grouping them together will make them more noticeable and organized. Gourds are another fall decoration to consider adding into your bouquet of pumpkins to create variety while staying on the fall theme.

A bristle door mat also sets the tone for guests entering the home and are an easy in-season swap to your everyday doormat. If you like the idea of a decorative doormat that really says “fall”, there are many available with fun text on them, or just stick with classic tan bristle for the same effect.

Decorating with Throw Pillows and Blankets

If you’re the type of person who likes to switch up the look of your living room according to season, consider keeping different throw pillows and blankets in storage. If you have a neutral colored couch, it can be really easy to incorporate the fall vibe into the room through warm colored pillows and blankets. Burnt oranges and golden yellows subtly bring an autumn feel into the room and go really well with the cooler weather. If you don’t have room for these in storage, consider buying pillow cases instead of actual pillows. There are many standard sized pillow cases that make the swap easy and space-efficient. There are many options for pillow cases similarly to doormats; some with cute fall sayings or just classic fall colors. Throw blankets also have the same effect, Thick and wooly blankets come in handy more often as the winter season approaches. Consider a blanket that reminds you of your favorite sweater for a cozy, warm feel in your living room. Or try a heavy velvet throw to get the trendy look of a weightier fabric.

Dining Room Arrangements

If you often have guests over, whether it be a casual gathering or Thanksgiving dinner, dining room arrangements are a fun way to create a sense of fall indoors. Centerpieces incorporating pinecones or orange and yellow colored flowers are easy decoration elements that are very noticeable to guests. If you really want a centerpiece that stands out, a hollow fake pumpkin makes a perfect vase and is sure to be a conversation starter. Metallic or rustic plates and fall-themed place settings will complete the look. Instead of filling your vases with flowers, try using big branches and leaves to create a statement. Group them in three different sizes and experiment with some warm hues.

Adding Scented Candles

Remember all your senses when creating that cozy fall feel inside. Simple additions like pumpkin or cinnamon scented candles are a perfect way to bring the scent of fall into your home and bring those good warm feelings along with it. Things like potpourri can also bring that autumn smell and act as decor for your living room as well.

Even the look of burning candles can give you the warm feels. Try lining up battery-operating candles of different heights and sizes on a fireplace mantle or group them for a centerpiece. You can get versions that flicker just like the real things without the worry of a fire hazard.

Preparing Your Home for Winter!

This fall, you can use natural elements to help bring nature’s colorful display inside. To make sure you can keep out nature’s colder temperatures, make sure your windows and doors are ready for what comes next! Call our experts at Thompson Creek who can help you determine if your windows and doors are helping you stay warm and cozy in your home this winter!