Types of Glass Front Doors for Your Home

Types of Glass Front Doors for Your Home

If you’re ready to consider a replacement door, a front door with glass could be the perfect option. The right glass door can create privacy, natural light, and great curb appeal, whether you have a vintage cottage or a more modern residence.  

 There are many different aspects to consider when adding glass to your front door design. Read on to learn about the types of glass available and how to choose the right front door.   

 Types of Glass  

 A front door opens your home to the world, but it’s also a barrier when you need your privacy. That’s why people looking into front doors with glass need to consider what type of glass to use. There are different types of glass options for your front door, including clear glass, textured glass, and Barcelona glass.  

 Clear glass lets in plenty of light, but a neighbor knocking on your door may see you in your robe. Beveled glass with an angled edge can be used to create a pattern such as a grid. This can break up the view of your interior without obstructing any sunshine.  

 Textured glass has a pattern printed on one side. Visitors to your house can’t see through the pattern, ensuring your privacy. There are many patterns available to suit your home and design aesthetics.  

 Thompson Creek’s Barcelona glass has an all-over texture for maximum cover. You can also choose more formal patterns. Gemstone and Tuscany use this glassmaking technique to create artwork from your front door.  

 Glass Placement & Shape  

 It’s not just the type of glass you have to consider when designing your front door. Glass can be added in different places and different shapes.  

 There’s the option of having a glass panel that takes up almost the whole door. This lets in maximum light and gives a very modern look.  

 Alternatively, you can add smaller sections of glass. A rectangular window at the top of a door is a stylish element for any house. If you have a more traditional home, you may want to consider a glass arch or oval.  

 For a complete design, don’t forget about sidelights. These are the vertical windows often found on the sides of an entry door. Matching the sidelight glass to the glass in your front door can tie everything together to create your ideal entryway.  

 Choosing a Material For Your Door 

 Your door’s final look is also largely based on the finish you choose to complement your glass. Thompson Creek offers doors made of fiberglass, smooth steel, or textured steel.  

 Although wood is often the traditional choice, it requires regular maintenance, such as painting every 3 to 5 years. The wood can also expand and contract with the weather, leading to gaps and drafts. The regular need for maintenance determines many homeowners who prefer a more durable material.  

 Our materials are more durable and require little or no maintenance. They’re also resistant to warping, which prevents drafts. This keeps the warmth in and the cold out, helping you save on energy bills.  

 Our doors come in a variety of designer colors to match your house and can even be stained to look like wood. We can give you the look of cherry, mahogany oak, or more in an energy-efficient material. Add one of our stylish door locks and handles to your finished product.  

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