Guest & Master Bathroom Renovations

Guest & Master Bathroom Renovations

Bathrooms are usually some of the smallest but hardest working rooms in the house. No matter whether it’s a guest bathroom or the primary bathroom in the home, there are lots of options when it’s time for an upgrade. 

Bathroom renovations can add substantial resale value to your home, and have a high return on the investment, according to If you’re planning to invest in upgrades on your home, consider remodeling your owner’s bathroom or guest bathroom. Even minor upgrades make a huge difference in the overall comfort and look of your home.  

What is the difference between a primary bathroom and guest bathroom? 

A bathroom is considered the primary or the owner’s bathroom when it is connected to the largest bedroom in the home and contains at least four plumbing fixtures such as a toilet, shower, standalone bathtub and sink. This means that your bathroom doesn’t necessarily have to be large to be considered a full primary bathroom, as long as it has these components. Primary bathrooms are a huge selling point for a home, and almost all modern homes have them.  

Guest bathrooms are bathrooms adjoined to a smaller room in the house and are usually intended for guests or overnight visitors. It can be a half or a full guest bathroom meaning it can either include just a toilet and sink or also include a shower or tub.  

What should I consider in my primary bathroom renovation? 

When it comes to renovating your primary bathroom, most homeowners like to be creative but also design for the way they live. Some need ample storage for personal care items, for some the priority is a soaking tub or heated floor. Converting a tub shower into a standalone shower, upgrading your current  tub or shower or installing another sink are all renovation ideas that can transform your current bathroom. While bathtubs have been long-considered a necessity in a primary bathroom, homeowners are increasingly renovating their primary bathroom based on how they like to use the space. Shower-lovers are making large walk-in showers, while tub fans are centering their primary bathroom renovation around huge stylish soaking tubs. 

Cost can be influenced by the size of the bathroom, demolition involved and the amount of redesign that could require plumbing work. A typical bathroom renovation project costs about $24,500, according to a report by Remodeling Magazine.  

Sometimes small and simple changes can make a huge difference in your primary bathroom.  Make sure your primary bathroom upgrade includes an upgrade of your plumbing fixtures. Now’s the time to add the low-flow toilet or upgrade your sink faucets and showerheads.  

Adding a window in the shower not only invites natural light into a bathroom making it seem larger, it can also help with mold and ventilation that often can be a problem in bathroom spaces. Improved lighting, undercabinet lighting or trendy recessed fixtures around the mirror can add a modern touch to your primary bathroom renovation project. 

Small changes can make a big difference in function and overall enjoyment of your primary bathroom renovation project.  

Depending on the work being done you may not have use of your primary bathroom during a remodeling job. In some cases, you may be able to use some of your bathroom fixtures during the work and you should discuss the access you will have to your primary bathroom with your contractor before beginning work. 

How can I renovate my guest bathroom? 

If you’re looking to do a bathroom upgrade on a smaller budget, a guest bathroom renovation may be a better option for you. Your guest bathroom might serve as a bathroom for an occasional guest, or it might serve as the main bathroom for elderly parents who have moved back in. A redesign can improve the function and the convenience for guests. Depending on the size of the guest bathroom a guest bathroom renovation can range from $3,000 for a half bath to up to $20,000 for a full guest bathroom remodel.

If your guest bathroom has a tub, consider converting it into a shower-tub combo. The effect is offering guests the option of a quick shower, while retaining the tub for younger guests and resale value. However, elderly guests might benefit from a redesign that includes a walk-in shower to eliminate tripping or falling hazards of stepping in and out of a tub. Replacing your current leaky sink or stained bathtub with a newer version will improve your water efficiency and could save you on your water bill by eliminating leaks.  

Typically, a smaller bathroom, guest bathroom renovation is all about making a big impact in a small space. Experts suggesting using bold flooring and wallpaper to bring life to the room. Upgraded mirrors and lighting can modernize an outdated guest bathroom on a limited budget. 

Storage solutions and counterspace in a small guest bathroom is often the renovation challenge. Pedestal sinks save floor space but don’t offer the storage options that a vanity sink provides. 

Whether you are considering a primary bathroom remodel or a remodel of your guest bathroom, take stock of your space and your budget before you start. The experts at Thompson Creek can help with your bathtub and shower remodel in as little as one day! Call us today for a free estimate and let our team at Thompson Creek help design and install a bath or shower that’s practice, affordable and transforms your old bathroom into a brand-new space!