Hinged French Doors With Sidelights

Hinged French Doors With Sidelights

Looking for a replacement door for your home but not sure where to begin? Thompson Creek offers hinged French doors, which are constructed with the same craftsmanship as our other doors and windows. The appeal of French doors is that they are actually not one but two doors placed side by side. The hinges are placed on the outer opposite sides of the frame, with handles placed close together to allow the doors to swing open from the middle.

These stylish doors can be custom installed to your specifications, and they have the added benefit of allowing abundant sunlight into your home. Hinged French doors with sidelights are a charming addition to any patio or deck.

Quality Construction

Thompson Creek French doors are made with the same durable materials as the rest of our doors. The expert construction and installation make them an excellent investment in your home. Standard double-paned glass also provides insulation from temperature extremes, helping to keep your electric bill down.

Once a door has been crafted to your selections, it will be delivered and installed, with the process typically completed in one day. Because we carefully measure the space available and create a custom installation, the process doesn’t significantly disrupt the exterior of your home.

Benefits of French Doors with Sidelights

Hinged French doors bring the outside in with the extensive view they provide.

Newly installed, custom-made French doors with sidelights will include the details you choose, such as the addition of grid lines between the energy-saving glass panes. You’ll also be able to choose the paint color and texture and pick out hardware that complements the look of your home.

French Door Extra Features

Our exterior hinged French doors are created to be weatherproof, and they can also be fitted with custom screens to keep out unwanted insects. You can choose from various styles, and the doors can also be constructed using easy maintenance fiber-glass and steel. Besides providing a striking view, new glass doors will allow you to view the furnishings and greenery on your deck or patio.

Thompson Creek doors with sidelights give your home an open, airy feel while providing a noise buffer and privacy option when needed. For the splendid view of a wall of windows, glass transoms can also be installed above your French doors.

A Boost for Your Home Décor

Having new doors professionally installed is an opportunity to complement your home décor. Choose from a rustic or polished look with a color and texture that blends well with the style of your home. Then make your selection of brushed chrome, brass, or antique brass hardware to provide the finishing touches to your custom French doors.

Take Advantage of Our Free Estimate

Our expertly crafted hinged doors are secure, protecting your home from the elements as well as unwanted entry. They save space and make it easy to enter or exit with no swing doors in the way. In addition to their beauty, modern hinged French doors also help keep your home at an even temperature year-round.

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