How Long Does It Take to Install Gutters?

How Long Does It Take to Install Gutters?

If you’ve planned a gutter installation for your home – congrats! New gutters help to protect against leaks and damage to your roof, foundation and landscaping. But, just how long will it take to install your new gutter system?

Take a look at these factors that help determine how long gutter installation can take

1) The size of your house

It may seem obvious, but the more square-footage and the more stories your home has, the longer the job will take. The more square-footage your home has, the larger the perimeter of your roof will be, and the more material your gutter system will need. Likewise, if you have multiple stories, it makes it more labor intensive for workers.

One major contributor to added time to a gutter installation job is the number of corners on your home. A gutter system requires extra materials and special parts to create uninterrupted flow around corners. A quality contractor will take the extra time to make sure all the parts of the corner gutters are properly installed.

2) The steepness of your roof

A steeper roof results in a more labor-intensive gutter installation. A flat roof allows workers to move around freely and makes the job a bit easier. However, most houses do not have flat roofs. Steep roofs require installers to take extra precautions and can slow down the job a bit.

Similarly, heavier materials will add to the difficulty factor of installation. Most gutter pieces are around the same weight, but for commercial properties and larger homes, heavy duty material gutters may be required.

3) The removal process

Most often your installation process includes the removal of your old gutters and downspouts. The size of your home and the condition of your old gutters factor in on the time it will take to remove them.

4) The weather situation

It’s unpredictable and unavoidable, but rainy weather makes for a much longer installation process. Contractors will most likely continue their work in any weather condition, but the job is much easier done on a dry, sunny day.

Most gutter installations will take about one to four hours to install for an average-sized home. Most installations even for larger-sized homes last no longer than a day.

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