Thompson Creek Storm Doors Save Energy & Money

Thompson Creek Storm Doors Save Energy & Money

If saving money and energy are top of your list when considering home renovations, installing a storm door may be the right investment for you. And while its name implies protection from stormy weather, a high-quality storm door shields your entry door from the effects of all sorts of conditions like the beating sun, heat, wind, and rain. 

 A storm door is another door added onto the outside of an existing entryway door. This extra layer comes with a variety of benefits, including added protection, noise reduction, natural light, and insulation. This added insulation results in increased energy efficiency, which in turn saves you money. 

 Why Storm Doors are Energy Efficient 

Adding another layer between your home and the outside weather is inherently good for your home’s insulation. The better your insulation, the more comfortable you are in your home. Instead of allowing your air conditioning or heating to escape through the cracks between your door and the door frame, a storm door will help to contain this air. 

How Storm Doors Can Save You Money 

The fact that storm doors are insulating can save you money on your energy bills. The less heat and air conditioning that escapes your home, the less you’ll have to crank your AC unit to maintain your home’s temperature. You may notice a return on your home’s energy bills, which can vary based on the thickness of the door’s materials, and the precision with which it’s installed. 

Not All Storm Doors are Created Equal 

Even though storm doors can provide benefits like energy efficiency, not all storm doors can provide maximum returns on your investment. It is important to invest in a storm door that is made from high-quality materials. At Thompson Creek, our professional-grade storm doors are crafted with 20 percent thicker aluminum than the consumer-grade doors found at home improvement stores – providing maximum energy efficiency. 

 If you’re looking into installing a customized or professional-grade storm door, Thompson Creek is a great place to start. We allow you to customize your storm door to meet your needs, including over 16 color options and other features such as screens and pet doors. When you’re ready to start saving money on your energy bills, consider adding a storm door.