How to Blackout Windows

How to Blackout Windows

It’s nice to let a little ambient light in your room but at times you may want to limit that harsh mid-day sun or completely blackout a window.

Do you find yourself constantly being woken up earlier than you need to? If the sunlight is pouring in your room in the morning and you want to know how to reduce the amount of light let in, this blog will help you explore your options. Too much light can make it harder to sleep in, nap, or find serenity during a mid-day meditation session.

So What Are the Best Ways to Blackout Windows?

  • Installing a privacy film can benefit your life in more ways than one. If you live on the first floor or have a window that allows visibility inside from the street, a privacy film can make your home feel less exposed to the passersby. This thin layer of polyester can be purchased at any local home improvement store to match your window’s measurements. It won’t block out all the sunlight, but it adds a protective layer to darken your room and make it more difficult to see inside.
  • A popular option to limit the amount of light pouring in is to put up blackout curtains or shades. As opposed to regular curtains and blinds, which let in a noticeable amount of light, blackout curtains completely eliminate all sunlight by using a layer that offers shelter from UV rays. Plus, using blackout curtains to blackout a window means you can easily open and close them to allow the light to pour back in.
  • Creating a bit of shade over your window can also help deflect some of the direct sunlight coming in. An awning on your home’s exterior is an attractive and effective way to create shade over your window reducing the amount of harsh sunlight.
  • Some creative, less conventional ways to reduce the brightness of your bedroom include painting your room a darker color, reducing the amount of light pollution given off by electronics or simply wearing an eye mask. We all know it can be hard to sleep in a bright room, and but these strategies are easy ways to help.

Why Blackout Your Windows

Awnings, curtains, shades and privacy films can blackout your windows and also keep your utility bills in check by reducing the heat generated inside your home by the direct sunlight. The U.S. Department of Energy suggests smart management of window coverings can reduce solar heat gain by up to 77 percent. If the issue is more about the noise being let into your room than the light, explore our sound shield technology options for windows. Proven to improve the sound proofing abilities of your home, you’ll experience better sleep, an increase in focus and clearness of the mind. Call us today and sleep better tomorrow!