How to Bring More Sunlight Into a Room

How to Bring More Sunlight Into a Room

Winter is coming… and with it our daily dose of sunlight is leaving. If you’re looking for a way to take advantage the shorter hours of light into your home without letting the crisp winter air in, there are a few different options to consider. Whether it be replacing smaller windows with bigger ones, or installing a storm door, read more to find out creative ways to brighten your home with natural light.

Replace Your Current Windows

Arguably the most obvious option would be to replace your existing windows with larger ones. Picture windows are a great type of window to choose if you’re looking to let in a lot of light without the risk of draftiness. Thompson Creek can help you get a price estimate and measurements to fit your specific home.

Another good window style that amplifies the amount of light in your home is a bay or bow window. Although there are slight differences between the two, both these windows protrude out of the exterior of your house to allow for more sunlight to come in. These can also open up a room and give the appearance of more space.

Installing a Storm Door

Another tactic for letting in some extra sunlight is to leave your front door cracked open. The issue with this, though, is that it is almost guaranteed to let in all types of pests and cold air. A good way option is by installing a storm door. Because storm doors typically have a glass center, it allows for light to pour into your home while protecting your home from the elements.

Clean Windows

Fall and spring are generally the best times to wash your windows, but if grime is keeping sunlight out of your home, a winter window washing is not out of the question. Wait for a day that is above freezing and incorporate a freeze resistant cleaner to prevent the water from freezing when it comes in contact with the surface of the window. This solution could include windshield washing fluid diluted with water or rubbing alcohol mixed with water and liquid dish soap.

Incorporate Mirrors

Without any major renovation, adding mirrors as a decorative element is an easy way to brighten up a darker area of your home. Mirrors will bounce off any natural light from nearby windows and move the light around to other areas of the room. Make sure to place mirrors on a wall adjacent to one with windows, or in a hallway off of a light room to amplify the natural light pouring in.

Paint Colors

Some paint colors absorb light while others reflect and amplify. Shades of white will make a space feel larger because it reflects the natural light coming in. Opting for a paint with a satin finish rather than flat also helps with the reflecting properties. A more subtle way to help get that light and airy feeling is to paint the ceiling a couples shades lighter than the wall. What you end up with is a sense of height and space.

Cutting Back the Greenery

Your windows might be well-placed and large enough to invite welcoming rays of light, but overgrown shrubs and trees will block sunlight from reaching inside your home. Before it gets too cold, make sure to trim back your landscaping so it doesn’t counteract your effort to increase natural light inside.

Let More Natural Light Into Your Home

Besides the visual benefits of natural light in your home, using natural light will lower your electric bill and can even boost your mood. If you are ready to let more natural light inside your home, our Thompson Creek professionals can help. Call us today for a free estimate.