How to Decorate for Spring

How to Decorate for Spring

Decorate Your Home for Spring

After a long, cold winter, it’s always a thrill to reintroduce your home to the traditional décor of spring, such as pastel colors, light and airy fabrics, floral accents, and fresh patterns. In fact, decorating for spring is one of the best ways to shake off the winter doldrums and to prepare for the warm, sunny days to come.

If you’re looking for help on how to decorate for spring, then you’re in the right place. Here are ten easy ideas to bring more spring into your home.

#1: Declutter and Spring Clean

Winter is all about comfort and coziness, while spring is all about openness and airiness. This means you’ll probably have some decluttering to do around your home after winter is over. Put away all the heavy blankets and comfy throws until next year and give the entire home a thorough spring-cleaning to start off with a fresh and clean canvas.

#2: Rearrange the Furniture

Spring is a great time to reposition the furniture in your home to open up the flow of traffic. It’s also a great way to decorate when you’re on a budget. Instead of heading out to your local home goods store, take a look around your home to see what can be used in an alternative way.

For instance, take the wooden bench in the foyer you sit on for taking off your winter boots and put it at the end of your bed where it can be used for seating or for laying out tomorrow’s outfit before bed.

#3: Bring in the Green

Green is returning to the land outside of your window, so why not bring some of it inside? Decorating for spring can be as simple as adding a few potted plants here and there around your home. The greenery will add a fresh look to the space and the oxygen that’s produced by the plants will have you breathing easier, making it a win-win.

#4: Swap Out Textiles and Patterns

This spring, go with lightweight fabrics like cotton and linen and if possible, go with bright and crisp floral prints. The lighter fabrics will allow more natural sunlight into the home and give an overall cheerier atmosphere.

#5: Paint a Room

For less than a hundred dollars and a day or two, you can completely revolutionize how a room looks just by giving the walls a fresh coat of paint. If you’re working on a budget, make sure you choose a paint color that complements your existing décor and you won’t have to change much else to get the desired effect you’re looking to achieve.

#6: Paint Your Picture Frames

If you have artwork on your walls framed in dark wood, then this spring, you can give the frames a fresh coat of paint in the color of your choice. This will help brighten up the space and rejuvenate your love for your art because it will bring renewed interest to the pieces.

#7: Upcycle Your Lampshades

If you’re tired of your old standard lampshades, then spring is the perfect time to upcycle them and turn them into something creative and inspired. For instance, you can add some color and interest by gluing colorful ribbon around the perimeter of the base of the shade.

#8: Replace Wood and Metal Accents With Glass or Wicker

Wood and metal accents and decorations are dark and heavy looking. So, replace them with things made of glass, wicker, or another light material to dispel the darkness and encourage more light in the space. The same thing applies to candles. Store away your dark-colored candles and replace them with white, cream, or other light-colored candles.

#9: Change the Hardware Around the Home

When decorating for spring, simply swapping out the hardware on things like your cabinets, doors, furniture, switch plates, and light fixtures can deliver an impressive change to your home’s atmosphere. Again, you’ll want to replace dark wood or metal hardware with lighter, brighter alternatives.

#10: Install New Siding on Your Home

Having new siding installed on your home can completely change how you feel about your home. If you’re tired of your old siding, then this spring is the ideal time to replace it with a cleaner and more energy-efficient product. At Thompson Creek, we offer a world of siding options for you to consider for your home and our expert installers ensure your installation goes exactly as planned.

Decorate Your Home for Spring

There’s no better way to transform your home this spring than by giving it a complete, custom facelift. If you want to learn more about our siding options or you want to get a free estimate for your home project this spring, contact Thompson Creek today.