How To Fix a Gutter That is Falling Off

How To Fix a Gutter That is Falling Off

Is your gutter pulling off or sagging? Find out the difference and if you need a gutter replacement fast with this article from Thompson Creek.

Gutters are crucial to maintaining your home’s sturdy foundation and protecting it from water damage. If you find that your gutters are pulling away from your home or sagging, they may not be able to function properly. Luckily, most gutter issues are easy fixes you can do yourself, and regular maintenance can prevent these issues from occurring again.

Sagging gutters are a common structural issue that can easily be corrected. If you’re unsure if your gutters are sagging, use a ladder to look at them head on. If they aren’t stick-straight, they’re sagging. Usually, this issue can be fixed by simply repositioning any loose hangers and making sure all others are sturdy in place. This should straighten out any problem areas and correct any sagging.

If this quick fix doesn’t resolve your issue, you may need to replace your hangers for extra support. Gutter hangers can be found at common hardware stores like Lowe’s and are usually relatively cheap ($5 or less per hanger). Start by correcting the sag and setting your gutters straight. Once they’re straight, remove any faulty brackets. For added support, you can even install a few extra hangers to protect against sagging in the future.

A gutter can also sag if it’s been damaged by the weather, tree branches or other debris. If this is the case, the damaged section needs to be replaced making sure it is pitched properly to allow water to flow freely to the downspout.

When a gutter is pulling away from the home, that is a more immediate concern. A gutter pulling away from the home can be caused by too heavy of a load in the gutter system or incorrect installation due to a fascia or soffit that was in poor condition. In that case, not only must the gutters be repair but it might be a larger job of replacement of the fascia boards where they are attached to the home.

Replacement Gutters For Your Home

If you’re tried repairs of your sagging gutters, and they still aren’t directing water away from your home efficiently, you may need to consider replacement gutters. Although gutter replacement isn’t the flashy home renovation project that you get from HGTV, it is fundamentally important and can make a huge difference to your home’s structural integrity in the long run.

If your gutter’s seams are pulling away from each other, or you find some cracks in the system, it is a good indicator that a replacement may be in your future. If these issues are left unhandled, you may find water splashing in your backyard, infiltrating your home’s foundation or even creeping into your basement.

If your quick fixes did the trick, remember traditional gutters need regular maintenance. That means making sure gutters are free and clear of debris so they can easily handle average rainfall. Take a look at these safety tips for cleaning gutters.

Learn More About the Thompson Creek Gutter System

Thompson Creek’s gutter system eliminates the need for seasonal maintenance with a unique hooded design that prevents clogging. By covering the top of the gutters, this eliminates the chance of large leaves and debris getting stuck in your gutters and causing a nasty clog, while still functioning properly to direct water off your roof and away from your home.

With a 50-year warranty and a guarantee against sagging or falling gutters, our gutter technology will put you at ease as a homeowner, and allow time for other fun home renovation projects that may spark your interest a little more than gutters.