How to Fix a Sagging Storm Door

How to Fix a Sagging Storm Door

One of the most common reasons for a sagging storm door is the metal frame. If your storm door is having problems opening or shutting or is scraping as you pull, the metal frame might be to blame. If the frame slides as you push the door up and down, start by anchoring it with a few more screws at the top of the wood trim. 

It might be necessary to add more screws along the trim. As this can tend to look a bit rough and ready, put a coat of paint over it to disguise the screws. 

Installing a Shim 

Installing a shim to decrease wear and tear and rectify the sag may also be beneficial. To do so, remove the bottom hinge and clear any dirt or debris out of the way. Then, by the hinge, lay a strip of wooden shim or cardboard. Replace all of the screws, then double-check the alignment by opening and shutting the door repeatedly and paying attention to how it sounds and feels. 

Installing a Turnbuckle 

A screen door turnbuckle acts as a bracing, strengthening the door. It’s a metal rod with threaded ends that connect to a coupling nut. Though it can correct the sag, a turnbuckle might alter the aesthetics of the screen door. 

How to Install a Turnbuckle 

  • Begin by placing the turnbuckle squarely on the door’s bottom corner. It should continue diagonally below the opening side and all the way up to the hinge side. 
  • Open and shut the door to ensure the turnbuckle isn’t impeding the door seal, then use a pencil to mark the turnbuckle’s screw holes. Then, drill the turnbuckle screws, but don’t tighten them until all of the holes are in place. 
  • Close and open the door again to double-check the settings, then tighten the screws to secure the turnbuckle. 
  • Hold the coupling nut on the turnbuckle and watch as the rods raise the drooping side of the door. 
  • Turn the nut until the door is flush with the floor. 
  • If you find the turnbuckle becomes too tight, loosen it accordingly.  

Hire an Expert 

While a quick repair to your storm door may sound like a good idea temporarily, it’s not recommended for a full-time solution. Hire an expert to install your new storm door today.