How to Keep Your Windows Clean

How to Keep Your Windows Clean

Keeping your home’s exterior clean and presentable shows your neighbors and guests that you take pride in your community. One thing that can take away a bit of your home’s sparkle is dirty windows. A buildup of dirt, pollen, and dust combined with seasonal weather conditions, moisture, and other elemental factors can leave the glass looking dull and worn.

Keeping your windows clean internally and externally helps your home look its best. If you’re wondering how to keep your windows clean between annual or semiannual washings, follow these helpful tips.

How to Keep Your Windows Clean with Natural Cleaning Products

Biodegradable and natural cleaning products can make your windows sparkle without harmful chemicals. Using a 100% biodegradable liquid kitchen dish soap ensures that your outdoor plants aren’t exposed to toxins, and when used indoors, you’ll have the peace of mind that your little ones and pets are safe even if they come in contact with the glass. When mixed with water, liquid soap is just slippery enough to glide smoothly with a squeegee, and it effectively removes dirt and grime.

Another natural product that’s ideal for cleaning windows is vinegar. A 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water creates a natural cleaner that lets your windows shine and prevents streaks since the natural acidity cuts grease.

Make Sure to Keep Indoor Dust at Bay

Dust that circulates through your home can easily land on your blinds and curtains or adhere to the window glass where it may form an unattractive film. Dusting your windows with a feather duster regularly can help capture pesky dust particles. Likewise, cleaning your blinds with a specialized blind cleaning tool helps remove dust with a few easy swipes. Another simple solution on how to keep windows clean and prevent interior dust buildup is by utilizing a common household product: fabric softener. Fabric softener works in two ways. First, it cleans off dirt and grime in the same fashion that dish soap and other cleaners work. Second, it leaves a barrier that repels dust and helps your windows sparkle for an extended period of time.

Clean Outdoor Screens

When dirt blows through your window screens, it settles on the glass and creates a layer of buildup that makes your windows look dull and dingy. Pollen, rainwater, smog, melting snow, and other elements contribute to dirty screens and windows, so it’s important to clean your screens annually or semiannually. One of the easiest solutions is to use your garden hose to spray the screens, but adding some extra muscle by applying a cleaning solution can remove every last bit of dirt and grime.

  • The first step is to remove your screens and place them in an accessible area, such as the front yard. Set your garden hose nozzle to medium pressure, and spray the screens.
  • As the screens dry, mix three parts warm water with one part ammonia, and scrub both sides of each screen.
  • Complete a final rinse to ensure all the cleaning solution and dirt is removed. Then, wipe off any residual water. Allow the screens to dry in the sun before replacing them.

Choose the Right Cleaning Cloths

While some folks believe that paper towels are ideal for cleaning glass, the reality is that softer options are less likely to cause damage. Paper towels are slightly abrasive when used with glass cleaners, and paper products can leave flecks of white dust behind, which is easy to see if you’re cleaning your windows on a sunny day.

Microfiber cloths are a better alternative as they are extremely soft and have a high absorbency level. Additionally, many retailers carry premoistened cloths specifically designed for cleaning glass and windows. These cloths are typically thicker and softer than paper towels, and they contain the right amount of product to complete the job effectively.

Consider a Professional Window Cleaning Service

Following these simple tips is a great place to start if you want to learn how to keep your windows clean. It’s also a good idea to consider hiring a professional window cleaning service on an annual basis. Our team at the Thompson Creek Window Company is standing by to assist with all of your window installation and maintenance needs.