How to Pick a Front Door Color

How to Pick a Front Door Color

You may bring your groceries in through the garage door and your friends might visit through the back door, but it’s your home’s front door that is most valuable in affecting the curb appeal of your home.  If you’re looking to replace or repaint your front door or choosing a color scheme for your new home, finding the right hue for your front entryway can be tricky. Read more for helpful advice on which color is best for your front door based on the aesthetic of your home.

Contemporary/ Modern Architecture

There is a large variety of styles within the contemporary category of homes, so it’s difficult to pin down a few typical front door colors. Popular colors for contemporary houses scale from classic black to unconventional colors like eggplant and navy, depending on the color scheme of the house’s exterior. The best color for your modern home depends on your personal style and the look of your specific house.

If your style is sleek and minimalist, black is the color for you. Minimalist black doors or doors with large windows compliment a modern house well. Black is also a great color choice if your house has many focal points on the exterior that aren’t your front door, like a bay window or front garden. According to Zillow, a black front door can increase the price of a typical U.S. home by 2.9 percent.

If your personal style is more on the bold side, and your home’s aesthetic matches this, your front door is the perfect opportunity to showcase your colorful personality. Lots of colors can be fun and playful and also look sophisticated. Consider a teal blue or sage green.

Traditional Style

A traditional-style home with brick or stucco material typically pairs best with a deep red door or a dark brown wood. A classic white door is an elegant addition that matches almost any material, and pairs well with traditional style homes. White will brighten the front of your home and contrast siding material like dark vinyl, red brick or stone.

White, red and dark brown are three of the most popular colors for homeowners to paint their front doors, and for good reason. These classic colors pair well with most home styles and will add a factor of sophistication.

Victorian Houses

With the intricate and detailed architecture of a typical Victorian house, darker colors are often used on front doors to keep the focus on the architecture itself. Consider matching the color of your door to the color of the house’s exterior. White is also a popular color front door for this style in order to compliment the elegance of the house’s design.

Ultimately, the color you choose for your front door should best represent your personal style, and fit in well with your home’s exterior. Some other factors to consider when deciding on a color for your front door are:

  • The trim around our front door
  • The trim around your exterior windows
  • The material of your house’s siding
  • The existing color scheme of your home’s exterior
  • Front door sun- if your front door gets full sun all day, remember your color might fade or even appear a shade or two lighter so you’re safe to go with a darker color.

Check out the 2021 colors of the year for some inspiration.

Finding the Best Door Color for Your Home

The best thing about paint is that it’s a low-cost change to make that can easily be altered if you aren’t fully satisfied with your results!  If you are satisfied with the look of your newly painted front door, read our helpful tips on how to clean and care for it to keep the color bright and fresh.