Best Way to Weatherproof a Front Door

Best Way to Weatherproof a Front Door

If you notice cold drafts around the entrance of your home, the front door may be the culprit. Even the smallest gaps in the door jambs can let cold air in and increase your heating costs. Knowing how to weatherproof a front door can help you eliminate these uncomfortable drafts and save money. Fortunately, the best way to weatherproof a front door doesn’t require any special handyman skills.

The best way to weatherproof a front door is to install or replace the weather strips. You can find these foam or felt products in any hardware store. Weather strips come in a variety of sizes and styles.

Consider the width of the gaps or cracks in the door jambs when selecting weather strips. If you have a modern door with slotted door jambs, you can purchase grooved weather strips for easier installation. Otherwise, adhesive products are your best option.

Adjust the Door

Your first step is to make sure that the door is aligned properly. Check to make sure that all hinges are on straight and replace any missing screws. Also ensure that all latches and strike plates are aligned correctly so that the door closes tightly.

Prepare the Door

It’s important to take several preparation steps before beginning the weather stripping process. If you’re replacing the weather strips around your front door, be sure to remove the old ones first. You also need to thoroughly clean the door and door jambs to ensure the adhesive sticks properly.

Install Weather Stripping

Weather strips should be placed on the top, bottom and sides of doors where there are gaps. When weather stripping the sides of the door, it’s easiest to start from the bottom and work your way upwards.

If you have a modern door, simply push the grooved edge of the weather strip into the designated slots. If you are using adhesive weather strips, slowly pull the backing off as you adhere the strips. Once in place, trim to remove any excess material.

Inspect the Doorway

While the door should close tightly, there shouldn’t be any type of tension that makes it difficult to shut. If this happens, you may need to remove some of the weather strip, especially along the door jambs. Also, make sure that all cracks and gaps are gone. If gaps still exist, you may need to purchase thicker weather strips.

Additional Front Door Weatherproofing Options

There are several additional steps that you can take to weatherproof your front door.

Install a Door Sweep

Is there a gap at the bottom of your front door, or is your current door sweep in poor condition? If so, installing a new door sweep can help keep the cold out. A variety of door sweeps are on the market.

Some require you to remove the door and securely attach the product to the bottom using screws. Other styles are secured to the door face. Be sure to measure the length and thickness of your door before purchasing any product to ensure that you select the right one.

Mount Plastic Insulation

If your front door has a window, check it to see if any air is coming in around the window’s frame. If so, installing plastic insulation during the winter months can help. You can find plastic weatherproofing kits for doors in any hardware store. These kits come with everything you need, including plastic film and double-sided adhesive strips.

Now that you know how to weatherproof a front door, you can easily prepare yours for the winter months. Not only will this step keep your home warmer, but it will also help to lower your energy bills all year.

Front Door Replacement

Front door replacment or storm door installation is typically the best way to completely eliminate cold drafts. If the best methods for weatherproofing a front door aren’t enough, our team at Thompson Creek Window Company can help. We offer complete window, door and gutter installation services. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your door installation.