Importance of Home Window Safety

Importance of Home Window Safety

As beautiful and functional as windows are on a home, they are not to be taken lightly when it comes to your home’s safety considerations. After all, it can be all too easy for a child to fall from an open window. This is one reason among many why it is so important to practice proper home window safety, and why choosing the right windows for the right part of the home is an essential part of the total effort.

In this guide, you’ll learn about the dos and don’ts associated home window safety, and further, what you can do to help improve window fall prevention in your home.

Home Window Safety Must Dos

All of the windows that are located on the upper levels of a home should remain closed and locked whenever there are unsupervised children on those levels. For ventilation, it is best to only open windows that your children are unable to directly access. All blinds and cords should be kept out of reach of small children, and beds and other pieces of furniture should similarly be positioned far away from the windows.

Consider planting shrubs in the ground underneath high windows to help break one’s fall. Also, take the time to develop (and practice) a family escape plan, so that everyone knows what to do in the event of an emergency. You can also install window guards or opening control devices to prevent the windows from opening wide enough to allow a child to fall through.

Home Window Safety Don’ts

It is important to never leave children unsupervised in areas where the windows are open. Children are naturally curious and will often try to climb upward in order to access areas they have never seen before.

Do not rely on a window’s screen to prevent a child from falling through, as they are not made for that purpose. Window screens are lightweight and can easily tear if enough pressure is applied to it. The truth is that they are designed only to allow for airflow, and to keep insects out.

Do not paint or nail shut any windows; you may need to access them later in an emergency. You should also avoid placing energy efficient films or coverings on the windows included in your emergency escape plan as doing so may make it more difficult to locate the windows in a smoke-filled room.   

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