3 Reasons to Update Your Shower or Bath

3 Reasons to Update Your Shower or Bath

There are plenty of good reasons to update your shower or bath and give it a fresh look.

For some, it’s about sprucing up the bathroom’s style to match their home’s redesign. Others might be getting their home in the right shape to sell, so they’ve put the bathroom redo on their list of To Do’s.

But there’s a question that’s worth asking that could very well change how you think about redoing your shower or bath:

Just How Old is Your Home’s Shower?

If you answered “older than 10 years” – then it’s time to strongly consider replacing that outdated fixture.

For all of the aesthetic reasons you might have for updating your shower or bath, it’s important to know how much the shower experience has evolved over the last decade to become safer and more efficient.

Read on for three major reasons you should update your shower or bath. Then we’ll share just how Thompson Creek can help you make those changes today.

3 Reasons to Update Your Shower or Bath with Thompson Creek

The three main reasons folks in Central Maryland are remodeling their bath or shower are:

  • Repairing damage and general wear and tear in their bath or shower
  • Updating shower and bath fixtures for increased efficiency and safety
  • Creating a bathroom space they actually enjoy being in

Recognizing that there’s something you’d like to change in your bathroom is the first step to a safer, more appealing space for you and your family. Let’s unpack those reasons a little more to see how they might be affecting your home – and how you could resolve those problems in as little as a day!

Repairing Damage and General Wear and Tear

As bathrooms age, they degrade. Grout starts falling out, tiles can chip, and the constant moisture and humidity can break down drywall and joints between fixtures. The only real way to remedy these issues is by taking it all out and starting over.

It’s at that point homeowners can start to feel overwhelmed – and that’s completely normal. After all, the idea of tearing out your bathroom is daunting. It’s messy, it’s invasive, and it takes time.

Or at least, that’s the way it used to be.

We mentioned that the shower experience has changed over the past decade. We’ve worked hard at Thompson Creek to design a process for updating your bath or shower that’s improved in every regard in order for you to get the bathroom you want faster.

In short – we’re able to replace your old shower or bath in less than a day, leaving you with a custom-designed space that fits your home and your style.

That means those chipped tiles, drywall and joints that have been bothering you for weeks, months… or even years? They could be fixed in just a day, leaving with you a functional, fresh bath or shower in its place.

Updating Fixtures for Increased Efficiency and Safety

It seems like it was just yesterday that our parents were threatening us about leaving the water running.

And now, it’s our turn. We’re adults, and it’s our responsibility to concern ourselves with how much water we’re using and the ecological footprint of our homes.

Did you know that, according to the EPA, the average American goes through about 80 gallons (or about 300 liters) of water every day while bathing or showering?

It turns out our parents were onto something. Efficiency is not just a buzzword. A successful bath or shower remodel will make your energy and water usage more economical.

Newer model showers and baths come with more efficient water and energy usage than their predecessors. In some cases, higher efficiency can lead to a 50% savings on both of these resources! That’s great for the environment – and even better for your family’s savings account.

And if there’s one thing more important than energy savings, it’s your safety. That’s where advances in showers and baths can really make a difference.

When you get used to the shower you have – especially ones that are at least ten years old – you may not realize what you’re missing out on. Modern showers offer important safety features like tempered glass doors or automatic shutoff systems for when you step out of the shower.

This ensures that even if there is reduced water pressure in the pipes, you will not have an accident caused by flooding – which could result in serious injury for yourself or others around you.

Creating an Enjoyable Space

While we could talk for days about the importance of advanced shower features and an efficient bath, there is a simpler reason that most folks choose to upgrade their bath or shower.

Updating our shower or bath means getting to feel comfortable in your bathroom again.

Modern showers are not just a place for you to bathe, they’re also an area where you get to relax and unwind. Thompson Creek showers and baths create a space that’s fresh, clean, and safe.

And the best part about a renovated shower or bath? Getting to use it when it’s finished (and lucky for you, Thompson Creek gets it done in less than one day!).

An upgrade doesn’t just mean energy savings, safety, and a cleaner space. It could mean choosing a spa tub, a new design style, and a new way to unwind. You’ll have that flexibility with us, which is why we’re sure you’ll love your new Thompson Creek shower or bath.

The Thompson Creek Way

There are plenty of reasons you might want to update your shower or bath. From repairing damage and improving efficiency and safety to creating a more pleasant space to care for yourself, an updated shower or bath makes a world of difference in your home.

And at Thompson Creek, we take that responsibility seriously. All of our showers and baths are designed through a collaborative process that’s led by your vision and your style. We are proud of our convenient, comprehensive, and custom bath remodeling technique, and we think you’ll appreciate it, too.

Had enough of that dingy, outdated shower or tired bath? Get in touch, and we’ll get working on your new, custom Thompson Creek shower or bath today.