Kitchen Windows for Plants

Kitchen Windows for Plants

Houseplants make a lovely addition to kitchen décor. Lush greenery and brightly colored flowers can bring joy into one of the most frequently used rooms in your home, but for those plants to thrive, you need kitchen windows chosen with your plants’ needs in mind. 

Learn more about the best kitchen windows for plants and see how you can help your flora and foliage thrive using windows that bring in natural light while keeping the elements at bay. 

 The Right Conditions for Houseplants 

Houseplants are typically easy to look after, but they must have the right conditions. Giving them lots of natural sunlight will keep most species happy and support photosynthesis (the process plants use to make their own food).  

Sun-worshiping plants love nothing more than soaking up the rays on a sun-drenched window sill. However, in winter, they can suffer if there’s a draft, so they’ll need windows that are well-insulated.  

By choosing the right windows for plants in kitchens, you’re helping to breathe new life into one of the most popular rooms in the house. 

Garden Windows: The Best Spot for Sun-Loving Plants 

While most windows with a large glass surface area will provide ample sunlight for your plants, garden windows are in a league of their own. Plants love to face south or east, as these directions provide the most sunlight during the day. Because garden windows protrude slightly from the surface of your external wall, they are able to receive more sunlight from various angles.  

Garden windows offer a deep sill perfect for supporting and showcasing your houseplants. With their own dedicated space and plenty of sunlight and fresh air, your plants can grow lusher, greener, and healthier. Whether you want to grow herbs for cooking or treat your prized flora to the best seat in the house, garden windows are a great investment.  

Other Window Types That Are Good for Plants 

Windows create the same effect for your plants as the glass of a greenhouse does. Plants in a kitchen window or on a surface near a window will receive lots of sunlight, especially if the window is south or east-facing.  

Here are some other windows you might want to consider for your plants: 

  • Bay windows: These windows are another popular option for houseplant lovers, especially those who have particularly stunning plants to display for all the world to see. Similar to garden windows, bay windows allow light to flood in from multiple angles.  
  • Awning windows: Awning windows are ideal for kitchens and provide plenty of light and ventilation for your plants.  

Are Your Plants Telling You That You Need New Windows? 

While your windows may appear to be fine visually, your plants will usually be the first to tell you that something is wrong. If you’ve noticed your plants are growing at a slower rate or that soil is staying wetter than usual, there could be cold drafts getting in through your windows. Cold air can also cause leaves to droop and curl. If you’ve noticed these problems, or you’ve noticed drafts yourself, it could be time for an upgrade.  

Get in touch with the team at Thompson Creek today. We can give you advice on the best windows for plants in kitchens and give you a free inspection. Give your plants the space they deserve with our garden windows or any other suitable windows from our selection.