Leaking Tub Spout or Shower Nozzle?

Leaking Tub Spout or Shower Nozzle?

You wouldn’t believe how much water and money you’re washing down the drain.

We all know the aggravation of a dripping water faucet. Somehow, some way, it can become the loudest noise when your home is quiet. The torturous sound of an intermittently leaking spout whether it’s a shower nozzle, tub spout, or sink faucet can be enough to drive anyone up the wall so to speak.

It can seem like such a small issue… one that doesn’t seem to merit an immediate response, but over time it compounds to an alarming degree of waste of both water and hard-earned money.

Drowning By The Drop

There it is again that annoying drip. The one that can keep you lying awake and worrying about plumbing costs. But for the average homeowner with a busy life filled with work, kids, and what’s left of a social life, a dripping faucet can be relegated to the “do it tomorrow” file.

And what’s the harm right? It’s only a drip, how could something so small cause anything serious? While it may seem like something that can wait, waiting too long can drain your wallet and waste a whole lot of water.

Let’s look at the stats, shall we?

The current statistical info has surmised that there may be roughly 10,000 gallons of water being wasted collectively in homes located in North America. Also, roughly one out of every home in North America has at least one severely leaking faucet or spout which compounds to about 85 to 90 Gallons per day. That’s a lot of H2O!

Let’s say your faucet drips only a meager 5 drips a minute wastes about a half of a gallon per day or over 15 gallons per month or 182.5 gallons a year. Over time it all adds up. Add another dripping shower head or sink anywhere in the same home and the numbers pretty much double as you can imagine.

There is a place to check this out for yourself. The United States Geological Services or USGS on its website has a drip calculator. When entering the highest increment of drips per hour, which by their estimate is 120 drips per minute and considering that is occurring in only one home, you can potentially waste 172,800 drips per day, or 43.2 liters, which is 11.4 gallons per day and whopping 4,165.9 gallons per year. This is almost a conservative estimate when compared to some other water waste calculators. This can translate to different costs depending on where you live but on average in the United States, it comes to about 0.0015 cents per gallon which at 4,165.9 gallons a year is about $6,247 wasted per year!

That is a lot of water no matter how you pour it and a lot of money no matter how you spend it. Most of us would rather not waste it. One way to alleviate this is by finding qualified professionals to partially renovate or fully renovate your bathroom.

A partial renovation of the shower and tub area is definitely a way to alleviate this problem for the foreseeable future. These days the transformation can take place over 24 hours. Contact our bath and shower remodeling experts and inquire about our one-day bath and shower installs. We also offer flexible financing.