Top 3 Causes of Leaking Windows & Solutions

Top 3 Causes of Leaking Windows & Solutions

Whether it’s the dead of winter or the heat of the summer, it’s important to keep your windows free of leaks, and keep the outside weather outside. A leaking window can make your heating and cooling system less efficient, making your home uncomfortable, and lead to an array of other issues like mold growth. There are three common causes of a leaking window. 

Top 3 Causes of Window Leaking 

1. Wear and Tear 

If you notice your window beginning to flake, peel, crack or become discolored, these are telltale signs that the chemical components of the window’s sealant are breaking down. Another symptom of wear and tear is condensation around the edges of the window during rainfall. This type of wear and tear might be able to be fixed by peeling out the old calking and replacing it with new caulking.  

If your windows are leaking it could be caused by the window’s locking system. Trouble closing or not closing completely or damage to the locking system can be easily fixed. 

Double-paned windows that show water between the panes indicate an issue with the glass seal and also indicates the gas that provides an insulating factor between the two panes is diminished. This window leak issue requires a replacement window. 

2. Installation Issues 

If your window’s appearance doesn’t show wear and tear, the issue may lie in the installation. If your window wasn’t properly installed, this will cause window leaking.  

Leaking could stem from gaps in your window’s flashing, windows that aren’t properly fitted or nails that aren’t corrosion resistant – all things that start with installation. Proper installation is the only way to prevent these issues and ensure that your window will stand the test of time.  

Fixing an improperly installed window likely will need to be done by a window professional who will have to examine the flashing or the house wrap that helps to seal the window.  

3. Home Design Issues 

The most frustrating culprit for leaks in your home doesn’t have to do with the windows themselves, but with the overall home. A lack of overhangs or cracking in your wall or foundation could lead to windows that leak. These design flaws could be hard to identify and costly to fix, so it’s best to consult a professional to diagnose these.  

How To Fix a Leaking Window 

After properly diagnosing the cause of your window leak, the next step is to learn how to fix a leaking window. Solutions can range from simple to more complicated and costly repairs. 

Simple Home Repairs 

A quick trick to identify whether your windows are leaking is to spray a hose along the edges of your window. Inside, look for areas where the moisture is coming through. From there, you may be able to identify home repairs that you or a professional can handle, such as clogged gutters redirecting water or missing shingles on your roof. 

Seal Thoroughly 

If your window leak is caused by damaged sealant, you may be able to repair it yourself. First, choose a dry day to strip the sealant from the edges of your window. Once it is all clear, dry, and cleaned, reapply in even, consistent strokes. The sealing work needs to be done properly or it won’t fix the leak, so calling a professional might be the way to go. 

Replace Your Leaking Window 

If you’ve tried to fix a leaking window to no avail, the most comprehensive and reliable way to ensure a fix is to replace it completely. When installed by an experienced professional, quality windows can protect your home from moisture and help lower your heating and cooling bills. 

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