When Mixing Materials Works for Home’s Exterior

When Mixing Materials Works for Home’s Exterior

Personalizing your home on the interior is all in the décor, but when it comes to making your home stand out, many homeowners are opting for mixing multiple materials to create interest, dimension and personality to their homes. Nervous about taking the leap to a mix of exterior materials and colors? Let’s take a look at what’s working. 

If your façade is looking for a facelift considering adding curb appeal that favors mixing multiple materials to create stylish layered and textured designs. 

Toned Up 

While you might be up for an exterior change, perhaps you prefer the clean lines of a single exterior color. Consider using a few different siding styles in the same color to add interest. At Thompson Creek, our siding comes in versions with clean lines and some with staggered or split options. Pair one siding option with a same color lap siding for the main part of the house with a cedar siding on the garage. The combinations are subtle yet interesting. 

Choosing siding that runs either vertically or horizontally can make a big visual impact on your exterior. Traditionally, siding like board-and-batten siding installed vertically is seen on farmhouse-inspired homes. Horizontal lap siding is most common for traditional homes. 

Also a great way to use siding to add interest, it to mix siding colors. Try a light-colored siding on the upper portion of your home and a complementary warmer toned siding on the bottom section of the exterior. 

Traditional with a Twist 

Exterior materials like stone and brick are a mainstay of residential housing giving your home a traditional look. Combining those natural exterior elements with siding or cedar shingles can break up the façade and add warmth and interest to the exterior. It can also help to highlight that special part of the home or new addition. 


Upgrading your exterior is a great time to include an upgrade to your windows. If your façade upgrade includes new windows, consider switching up your window trim. While a simple color to match your siding provides a streamlined look, adding a contrasting window trim color can draw attention to them and complement your home’s style. Tying a new window trim color to porch railings and door casings really completes the look.  

Keep it Industrial 

More modern homes need an exterior that reflects that style. Mixing materials such as wood, steel and brick together work to bring that industrial vibe to your home’s exterior. 

Which Mixes Material is Right for My Home’s Exterior? 

The architecture and style of your home should be the main driver to your exterior materials choice. Simply-shaped homes like Cape Cods call for more simple exterior designs where tone-on-tone siding options work best. In the case of homes with a range of exterior shapes and gables, exteriors can be more at play to highlight different parts of the home.  

A general rule of thumb is your exteriors should complement each other in color and style instead of looking like your home has a split personality. Same goes for your roofing.  

Our Thompson Creek experts have decades of experience helping homeowners like you upgrade their home’s exterior and boost their curb appeal. Call us today. We can walk you through the options to your ideal home exterior.