Modern & Contemporary Front Door Designs

Modern & Contemporary Front Door Designs

A perfect front door can complete the design of your interior and exterior space. With so many styles to choose from, it can be hard to distinguish between them. The terms “modern” and “contemporary” are often used interchangeably, but in the reference of home design, there are a few factors that distinguish the two.

What’s the Difference Between Modern and Contemporary? 

A “modern” style of home design emerged in the early to mid-20th century. It was largely driven by simplistic style and is still widely seen today. Mid-century modern contains strong, sharp lines and earth-toned color palettes. 

The term “contemporary” refers to design trends in the current moment, which means it is ever changing and fluid based on latest trends. There is no particular time period associated with the contemporary style. It incorporates concepts like environmentalism, minimalism, individualism, and other values of today’s society.  

Modern Versus Contemporary Front Doors 

Modern design typically incorporates warm and neutral colors, so having a colored front door is an indicator of this style. Choosing a color like dark mahogany, walnut or oak incorporates the modernist earthy tones and adds a pop of color to your exterior. Additionally, hardware with sleek, straight lines is a feature of modern design, such as large panels of glass or a minimalist bolt and handle set.  

The contemporary color palette consists of neutral colors: various tones of beige and sandstone, black and white contrast, or all white tones. Steel doors are also a sign of contemporary design, along with an abundance of glass panels. Adding a door handle like the Thompson Creek Emtek-melrose handle can also make your exterior seem more contemporary. Anything that makes your door unique and trendy is considered contemporary style. 

Which Style is Right for You? 

The most exciting aspect about modern and contemporary design is you can incorporate elements of it without having a completely modern-style home.  

One popular way to modernize your home is adding windows and doors with black frames. The black framing adds drama to your home’s façade while spotlighting your home’s windows and doors.  

Replacing hardware with sleeker minimalist versions can also provide a quick update to your front door.  

Consider replacing your front door with an oversized door or adding inset geometric glass to allow light to filter in. You can even bring a modern look to a more traditional home by adding a double front door with modern accents and bolder neutral colors. 

At Thompson Creek, we have many additional and customizable features, so we can guarantee to build your dream door and install it with perfection. Your front door is the cherry on top when it comes to your home, so make sure its built to last and installed with precision.