Modern Window Styles

Modern Window Styles

Is your home ready for a modern makeover? Here are some ways modern windows can help transform the exterior of your home.

Nothing can date a home like an exterior that looks tired and dated. Old, ill-fitting windows can quickly give away the age of your home. Replacing them with new, energy-efficient modern window styles can make an immediate upgrade to your home’s exterior.

Contemporary Window Options

Full wall windows

Create a statement with full floor-to-ceiling windows also known as clerestory windows. These huge full-wall windows are devoid of all grids so your view is uninterrupted. This modern window style usually features minimalistic frames and can be combined with casement or awning windows for functionality. If you choose to incorporate a wall of windows for your contemporary home be sure to learn about the value of multiple panes, window glazing and low-E glass for your project.

Picture windows

These large framed windows provide maximum light and visibility from both the inside and outside of your home. Picture windows don’t usually have grids or sills and they can’t be opened. They are perfect for highlighting a view or adding a modern architectural element to the home.

Casement Windows

While double hung windows are the most traditional style of window, casement windows are popular for modern homes. These windows hinge at the side and open using a crank. They can be paired together or with a picture window.

Awning windows

Contemporary design trends often use awning windows installed high above the floor to allow for natural light and ventilation without the need for window treatments.

Which Options to Choose for your Modern Window Styles?

Black window frames

Consider incorporating black or dark-colored frames to highlight the crisp, straight lines of your modern window. Dark window frames can highlight your windows as an architectural element of your home.

Grill designs

Choosing a grill design can give a traditional window personality. Minimal grill patterns are best used for a modern styling.

Trim Options

Trim functionally covers the seams between your window and wall. Choosing a trim with a modern style, clean lines and sharp angles helps to complete the look of a modern window style.


There is nothing that says modern than choosing a material for your modern window frame that helps with energy efficiency. Vinyl window frames are a popular framing choice for all modern window styles. The frames come in most any color to complement a home’s exterior while maintaining its energy efficiency properties.

Contemporary Windows For Your Home

Modern window styles can immediately remake a traditional home adding style and energy efficiency. To find out how contemporary windows can help upgrade your home’s style and energy efficiency, contact your modern window experts at Thompson Creek today!