Sliding Patio Doors for Safety and Security

Sliding Patio Doors for Safety and Security

Patio sliding doors are an excellent investment for your home. They take up less floor space than traditional swinging doors, allow natural light, and provide easy access to your back porch or patio. Also, sliding patio doors are great for your home’s safety and security because of their superior security features like locks, reinforced frames and tempered glass. 

 Multi-Point Locking Systems 

Patio doors are unique in the sense that they often come with multiple locking systems, making it more secure than the average door. In addition to the typical lock near the handle, there are other options for locks that can be installed on your door. 

 The option to install a secondary lock at the top of the door makes it difficult for children to unlock the door from the inside since that lock is out of their reach. 

 Patio doors can also include a foot lock for added security. This lock is simply lowered into the base of the door frame, locking the door in place. Some homeowners can beef up the security of their current patio doors by using a think wood dowel or lumber cut to the size of the sliding door track and use as a brace from opening. 

 Reinforced Frames 

Installing a sliding patio door with a reinforced door frame decreases the chance of burglary and break-ins. Simply installing a layer of steel over the door jamb will strengthen the frame of your door and reduce the wear and tear associated with opening and shutting the door consistently. 

 Purchasing a custom-fitted frame is a great investment for your sliding patio door. Having a sealed and fitted frame is an outward sign of security and will increase the lifespan of your sliding patio door system. 

 At Thompson Creek, we offer sliding patio doors with a fusion-welded master frame for strength and protection. 

 Tempered Glass 

Having a glass door is great for natural light, however it may make your home feel unsafe and vulnerable. All our Sliding Glass Doors come standard with tempered glass, which is harder to break. The tempered glass will help protect your door against anything that could shatter your glass by accident as well. 

 When you’re ready to invest in a high-quality sliding door, with all of the safety features you need to make your home feel safe and secure, call an expert to get a custom fitting. Sleep peacefully knowing that your patio door is secure when you call a professional from Thompson Creek to guide you through the process.