Polar Coaster Winter

Polar Coaster Winter

As winter is quickly approaching, people are wondering what the weather is predicted to be like, especially in the northeastern parts of the United States where winter can notoriously be long-lasting and harsh. Unfortunately, the upcoming winter is expected to feature freezing temperatures and more precipitation than usual, prompting discussion around a “polar coaster winter.” What exactly is a “polar coaster” and what does it mean as far as expectations for this upcoming winter?

What Is a Polar Coaster?

According to the 2020 Farmers’ Almanac, this upcoming winter will be filled with temperatures rising up and down on the thermometer, so it may remind you of a “polar coaster,” similar to a roller coaster in nature. The polar coaster is expected to affect primarily the northeastern region of the United States.

Farmer’s Almanac Weather Prediction

What specifically did the Farmers’ Almanac predict for the 2019-2020 winter, and how might this impact your preparation for the upcoming season? The Farmers’ Almanac provides 16 months of weather forecasts across the US and Canada and has become a closely watched predictor of weather, particularly winter weather.

The 2020 edition of the Farmers’ Almanac predicts that two-thirds of the country will face a colder-than-normal winter season. The biggest drop with the most frigid temperatures is forecasted to occur from the northern Plains into the Great Lakes.

The outlook says the northeast, including cities such as Boston and Washington, can anticipate colder temperatures than typically expected. The coldest conditions are expected to arrive during the last week of January and last through the beginning of February. The Almanac warns these lower than normal temperatures could lead to more snow and wintry mixes of rain and sleet.

Winter Home Repairs: Delay or Full Speed Ahead?

Are there any home renovations or repairs that you should tackle now, or should you wait until after winter ends? How may this impact your home renovation plans for the winter? Even if the winter is expected to be a cold one, you can still take on many home improvement projects in the winter, such as replacing your windows. There are some benefits to replacing your windows in the winter, including price, scheduling, and energy efficiency. While the winter may seem like an inconvenient time for home repairs, it’s important to research which home renovations are best done in winter, and which are best for other seasons.