Most Popular Combination Window Styles

Most Popular Combination Window Styles

Have you considered combination window styles for your home? Perhaps you have a picture window in your home but would like to have the option to open your window to the outside world. Picture windows create a seamless transition between your living space and the beauty of the outdoors. Nothing showcases your interior like natural light filtering through a large, uninterrupted sheet of clean glass on a sunny day. However, for all the benefits of a traditional picture window, the sealed nature of this window type is primarily designed for aesthetics.  

 Combination windows offer the solution, merging the sweeping view of the much-loved picture window with other window styles that can open to the outside world. The scenery becomes a more connected experience when accompanied by a fresh breeze and the sounds of the outdoors. There are several types of windows that work well for this, depending on your needs, but these are three of the most common styles. 

 Double-Hung Picture Window Combination 

 If you anticipate your room furnishings or outdoor landscaping will interfere with a window that swings out or in, a double-hung picture window combination is the best space-saving option. Double-hung windows consist of a top and bottom sash that can slide in either direction. This allows the window to open without increasing the profile beyond the frame, making it ideal for conservative spaces. 

 Double-hung combination options are an excellent choice for families who prefer to keep their maintenance  

obligations minimal. The opening function of the window makes this style very easy to clean, with some models even tilting out for additional access. 

 Awning Picture Window Combination 

 For combination designs on more contemporary homes that often include additional windows above or below the picture window, the awning-style window is hard to beat. Awning windows are connected by a top hinge and swing out from the bottom edge. These windows are commonly added to match the horizontal dimensions of the picture window, increasing the field of view while still allowing for ventilation when needed. 

 Awning picture window combinations are considered more secure than some other types because the outward swinging window seals fully when in the closed position. The hand crank used to control it makes it virtually impossible for anyone to open the window from the outside once it is fully shut. Because this type of window is often used for spaces that need less visibility, such as basements and bathrooms, there are smaller sizes available that offer some combination of design flexibility. 

 Casement Picture Window Combination 

 The casement and picture window combination maximizes potential airflow and is often chosen to enhance the front of homes. Casement windows are designed to open by swinging out on a side hinge, controlled by a crank at the base of the window. Because the full window has the ability to extend all the way out, this style offers adjustable ventilation levels to fit changing needs. 

 Like the awning windows, casement windows offer the same level of security once they are fully closed. Aesthetically, this window type can be found in a variety of grid patterns to match any preferred style, making it a favorite for exterior design. 

 Choosing to incorporate a casement picture window combination is a great way to increase natural light in your home and potentially save you some money on your utility bills. Ventilation on warm days may reduce the need for your air conditioner in the summer, and additional interior sunlight exposure in the winter can help warm your home.  

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