Removing Window Screens for the Winter – Yes, You Need To Do This

Removing Window Screens for the Winter – Yes, You Need To Do This

Each winter, homeowners ponder the age-old question, “Do I need to remove my window screens?” In short, the answer is “Yes!” But, it’s common to forget that you need to winterize your windows (or to talk yourself out of the hassle).

If you already have Thompson Creek windows, especially those installed in the last couple years, removing the screens is literally a pinch. Simply fold the flex-screen and remove it with ease.

Why you should remove your screens

  • Removing the screens on single pane windows is a must so you can put in storm windows to create an extra barrier from the cold. Single pane windows are inefficient at keeping cold air outside. The extra thermal barrier keeps more of your warm air inside your home..
  • In the winter, snow or ice can can become trapped between a screen and window. Trapped snow can cause damage to the sill and window frame. The weight of the snow can easily bow the screen as well.
  • Windows without screens let in more light than those with screens in. You’ll notice the biggest change on south and east facing windows. In this space, it is generally warmer by up to 8 degrees in the warmest and brightest times of the day compared to windows with screens in these areas.
  • Many people enjoy taking the screens out because it is brighter looking in or out of the windows.
  • Taking the screens out keeps windows cleaner since debris can’t get trapped between the screen and the window.

Preparing ahead for the winter

Since you’ve already decided to remove your screens, take a moment to hose them off before storing in a low-traffic area of your home. You can also clean around the sash and tracks of your window.

If you’re not looking to remove window screens, but want to revamp your window styles contact Thompson Creek today for a free quote.

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