Replacing Windows With Doors

Replacing Windows With Doors

For many people, as we grow older, our home grows and changes with us. Customizing your home and adding extensions makes it personal to you, not to mention it adds resale value to your home. If you’re thinking replacing those picture windows with a functional door or adding another point of entry, read more to learn about the process of converting a window into a new door.

Can my window be replaced by a door?

In some cases the flow of your home or the addition of a deck might require a door where there is currently a window. Often times a window opening can be converted into an opening for a door. The reason is that windows are never placed in the location of load-bearing walls. That makes the replacing a window with a door a much easier process.

Steps to turning a window into a door?

Replacing a window seems simple, right? Pop out the window and pop in your new door! The process however can be tricky for someone who isn’t a seasoned DIY expert. The process includes checking for wiring, possible interior and exterior demolition and expert installation practices to make sure the new opening is energy efficient and secure. Here are the basic steps.

  1. Check for permits

Some local jurisdictions require permits for these types of structural changes

  1. Take Measurements

The best way to be prepared for your home improvement project is to know all the numbers. Compare the width of your current window with the width you want your new door to be. You may have to cut some of your exterior siding in order to make space for a bigger opening. If the width of the window and the width of the proposed door are the same, your work regarding siding will be reduced significantly.

  1. Trim Your Trim

It will most likely be necessary that you remove the section of trim that lines your interior wall. Use a sharp utility knife to section off the trim that your door will replace. Using a hammer, peel off that section of trim. Be careful not to damage the surrounding drywall.

  1. Remove the Siding

Since there is a window in the spot that you plan to demo for a new door, there is less carpentry to do regarding a load bearing wall. This is the great thing about replacing a window with a door!

The rest of this process is best left up to a professional, unless you consider yourself an expert handyman. After drawing lines to designate where to cut, you’ll use a circular saw blade to cut the vinyl siding below your window to make an opening for the door. Remove the exterior siding, insulation and any wood siding underneath. Double check for electrical wiring or any other obstructions before continuing the process.

  1. Remove the Window

Now comes the replacement. Start by pulling off the window casing using a hammer and a prybar. Remove any other parts of the window remaining, along with the rest of the wall beneath it. This should complete the opening where your door will go.

  1. Install the Door

Installing a frame both on the inside of the opening and around the exterior is an important step to securing your door. After double checking your measurements, slide your new door in place and nail it to the frame. Adding hardware to your door and any surrounding details is a process that is unique to each type of door and house.

How much does it cost to replace a window with a door?

In general, replacing a window with a door is more costly than a straight window replacement job. Things that can increase the cost include removal of exterior siding or brick or expert finishers to complete the job on a stucco façade.

The size of the opening and the type of door also factor into the cost of the project. Consider also any floor repair or paint touch-up that might result in the window to door conversion project.

Replacing a window or adding a door into any area of your house can yield a high return on investment but it is a job best left to professionals. If you’re considering a home improvement project, visit our website or call a Thompson Creek professional for expert advice and a free quote today.