Replacing Your Front Door

Replacing Your Front Door

Everyone wants to turn a small investment into big savings. Replacing your front door can give you the much-needed immediate savings and the long-term value add you are looking for.

Four Immediate Advantages of Replacing Your Front Door

  • Energy Efficiency

No one wants to pay more to heat and cool their home than they have to. An ill-fitting or damaged front door can be contributing to air leakage and waste energy through conduction especially if it is old, uninsulated, poorly installed or improperly air sealed. Choose a replacement front door that meets or exceeds the Energy Star criteria. By purchasing a replacement front door certified as Energy Star rated you can bank on a product that will lower your energy bills as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Security

New front doors made with new technology are stronger with greater locking capabilities than traditional wood doors.  Steel plates and deadbolts on exterior doors ward off would-be intruders.

  • Durability

Wood doors can be susceptible to the elements and succumb to warping, insect manifestation and water damage. New front doors combine steel and fiberglass for increased durability. They require less maintenance and can handle temperature fluctuations without compromising the seal with the frame.

  • Aesthetics

Front doors should complement the exterior of your home. They come in a variety of styles and colors to coordinate with your home’s trim, siding or shutters. In addition, you can add a transom or side windows to frame the front door giving your home that curbside appeal.

Should I Buy a Ready-Made Front Door?

Ready-made front doors are often sold as a door system because they come pre-hung in a frame. That’s important to know when evaluating your needs for a new door. Pre-hung systems require a standard opening. If your door frame has warped over time or wasn’t standard to begin with, purchasing a pre-hung door system can create gaps and leaks.

If your current front door doesn’t have sidelights or a transom but you now want to add that to your project, your best to hire a professional for the job. Adding these elements requires redoing the door frame and that’s a job for a carpenter or someone skilled in the work.

Even if your front door opening seems standard it may be worth the investment to hire a professional to install the unit. Your front door is the most used entry to the home and susceptible to burglars if it is compromised. Costs can add up quickly if you are a novice and never attempted to replace a front door.

What Are My Choices in Materials for My Front Entry Doors?

There are really three main choices in front doors: fiberglass, steel, and wood.

  • Wood is known for its high-end look and ability to absorb any stain or be painted any color. They can be expensive and need regular upkeep. They can also be damaged by weather and insects.
  • Steel: is nearly half the market and offers security and weather resistance and little maintenance. Dents and scratches can be hard to fix and may rust.
  • Fiberglass: is the most practical and energy-efficient. They require little maintenance and offer an array of colors.

What Options Will Affect the Cost of My Front Door?

In addition to the material you choose for your front door, installation, warranty, hardware and decorative elements will all affect the cost of a new front door.

  • Hardware: This includes the locks, doorknobs and hinges. Your choice of simple to highly decorative will be reflected in your cost
  • Glass, Sidelights and transoms: Decorative accents can drive up the price with textured glass and stained glass increasing the price by more than 40 percent over the cost of clear glass or no glass options
  • Installation: Making sure the door is installed properly is as important as the materials used in the door. Installation can cost up to 30 percent of the total door price.
  • Warranty: Purchasing a door backed by a comprehensive warranty will save you in the long run. Some warranties are included in the cost of the door and others are a separate cost.

Replacing Your Front Door

When you are ready to buy a new front door knowing your reasons to replace your old one, options on the market and your budget are important before getting started. You can lean on a professional from Thompson Creek to help you determine if you need to replace your front door and how best to fit this home improvement into your budget. Before you invest in your replacement front door compare the Thompson Creek advantages of our custom entry doors for your best fit and lifetime no hassle warranty.