Role of Windows in Home Security

Role of Windows in Home Security

Did you know that 23% of home invasions happen through first floor windows? Windows are a prime entryway for burglars. Having new windows professionally installed and with a solid lock system could help prevent break-ins and protect your home. 

High quality windows are ones that are designed with your home’s security in mind. There are a few different features related to security that you should consider when you are purchasing replacement windows. 

Lock System 

Locking your windows is a key part in protecting your home. The type of lock on your window is also important. There are four main types: 

  • Latched locks sit between the two sliding window panels and utilize a small lever to hold the sashes in place. They are often found on single or double paned windows. 
  • Wedged locks can be installed on casement windows, and act as an arm to hold the window panel at a certain angle and prevent it from opening past a certain point.  
  • Also found in casement windows, folding locks are embedded in the frame, and the handle can be turned to block the window panel from opening.  

Double Paned Glass 

Double paned glass windows are harder to break since they’re thicker than single paned windows. This second pane give a second layer of protection, making it more difficult for a burglar to enter your home. Double paned glass works well keeping at bay outdoor air, noise and intruders. 

Additional Security Measures 

Old and faulty windows could be a prime target for intruders, so replacing your windows could greatly improve the safety of your home. You should consider replacing your windows if you notice signs of cracking, wear and tear, or degradation, because intruders may notice these signs too. 

Adding window screens can act as an additional step a burglar must take to gain entry into your home. This adds time to the invasion and could be a deterrent. 

Window alarms can act in conjunction with new windows so that if the locking system or window is compromised, the alarm will alert the homeowner and often a security company as well. New alarm systems offer wireless versions so there’s no need for complicated installation.  

 Having new windows with a secure locking system can be the difference when a burglar is considering making entry into your home.  Get sturdy, professionally installed windows with Thompson Creek, and sleep peacefully knowing that your windows perform their best.