How to Choose a Roof Color for a Red Brick House

How to Choose a Roof Color for a Red Brick House

Red is historically one of the most popular colors for brick home exteriors: It’s a classic and widely available material sometimes added as an accent, and sometimes used for a full home’s construction.  

If you’re the owner of a red brick house, however, there’s a key choice to be made whenever a damaged or leaky roof needs replacing: You need to find a color for the new roof that will complement the brick. For many homeowners, finding an option that won’t clash can feel complicated. Here are several key variables you’ll need to account for and a few tips that can help you find the right color for the roof of your red brick home. 

3 Key Variables in Matching a Roof Color with Red Brick 

There are three key variables to think about when you’re choosing a roof color: the type of red brick you have, the style of your home, and the color of your trim. 

1. What Colors are Your Red Brick, Really? 

“Red” brick can, in practice, mean a lot of different things. A brick’s cast color — the base color that the brick is based on — can be a certain shade of red. Most red brick exteriors actually manifest a mixture of tones and shades that combines darker and lighter hues. They also come with different levels of wear and color fading.  

2. What’s the Style of Your Home? 

Make the most of what your home already offers. Its architectural style does make a difference. A classic color palette fits a classical style, while a farmhouse style looks best with a brown or dark roof.  

3. What Color Is Your Trim? 

The trim and shutters of your home are also an important part of the equation if you’re replacing the roof of your home but aren’t repainting or replacing other parts of it. You’ll want a color that works well with all of your house’s existing elements. 

Tips for Choosing a Roof Color for Your Red Brick House 

With those three key variables in mind, here are some fundamental tips for how to choose a roof color to match a red brick house exterior. 

Let Brick Be the Focus with Neutral or Vibrant Colors 

A neutral color will let your red brick exterior stand out and accentuate its specific qualities. That’s a particularly attractive option if the brick isn’t too worn and weather-beaten. Along similar lines, a warm roof color like Sedona Crayon can pick up and amplify the warmth in your red brick. 

Use Contrast for Maximum Effect 

A different approach is to use a roof color that strongly contrasts with the red brick. There are various tones of green, for example, that will pair well with red brick. The specific hue would depend on the characteristics of your exterior and range from muted forest green to fresh-faced green. 

Consider Your Environment 

Think about the colors and the weather in your area. A vibrant green goes well with the verdant forests of the Pacific Northwest, for example. If you’re considering dark shingles in a humid, continental climate, you’ll need to bear in mind both the color of the shingles and the threats adverse weather can impose on their activity. 

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