Round Windows: Arched, Circle, Half Round, and Elliptical Windows

Round Windows: Arched, Circle, Half Round, and Elliptical Windows

There are many types of round windows, including arched, circle, half round, and elliptical windows. They all have their perks, and at least one of these round window types will be a great fit for your home’s architecture and style. 

Arched Windows 

Arched windows have a curved top that soars above an otherwise rectangular body. They can appeal to homeowners seeking an architectural aesthetic reminiscent of ancient Rome’s grandeur. However, arched windows do require a bit more room than other round windows. 

When there’s room, they offer many benefits, including making entryways look taller and offering focal points on the exterior. For instance, if a home has a unique, curved roofline, arched windows may follow that curve to complement it. 

Inside, arched windows can contribute to a unified appearance when placed near other elements with curves. Those could be sloping sofas or round light fixtures, for instance. Curved mirrors, too, are a nice match for arched windows. 

Circle Windows 

Circle windows are circular, making them the quintessential round window. However, their appearance can vary thanks to aesthetic choices such as specific grilles and trims. 

Circle windows are a great choice for rooms where a bit more light is helpful. And they may fit in spaces where other windows wouldn’t be practical. Examples include bathrooms and dressing rooms. On a broader level, circle windows blend with a variety of home styles, including traditional and modern. 

Elliptical Windows 

Elliptical windows are another option known for their curved tops. However, their curves stand out for being particularly wide and gently arching. 

These round windows work well when perched above large, rectangular windows. For instance, if your home has a patio with wide glass doors, elliptical windows above those doors may be pleasing. They can also complement features such as a front door’s sidelights or built-in windowpanes to make a seamless appearance.  

Half Round Window 

Half round windows are also known as half circle windows, which provides a clue to their appearance. They’re essentially shaped like a circle cut in half. They often appear as a topper to a door or rectangular windows. 

These windows look particularly attractive if their width matches the width of the element they’re topping. Another option is to use a half round window on its own as a striking accent. They also may maximize natural light in certain rooms, such as those with low, vaulted ceilings. 

Stylistically, some half round windows look striking and modern. Others incorporate grilles, which give a fan-like appearance and fit homes with a classic style. Cutting this type of window in half again creates a quarter circle window, whose unique appearance and small footprint unlocks new combinations of windows.  

What Do These Round Windows Cost? 

Depending on the size, type, and location of each window, these windows’ material and installation costs will vary from project to project. However, by working with Thompson Creek, you’ll gain access to custom round windows. Our in-house design, building, and installation capabilities let us cut out third parties and keep project costs down. 

Thompson Creek would love to lend our expertise to your next window project. To learn more about the best window options for your home, please get in touch.