Sliding Glass Door Security

Sliding Glass Door Security

Sliding glass doors are a great asset to any home for the abundance of light they let in and the accessibility to your outdoor entertaining areas. However, with the large amount of glass, it is reasonable to worry about the security aspect of your sliding glass door.

Continue reading for our tips to increase the security of your sliding glass door.

Add blinds

Your doorways are the main points of entry into your home, and intruders see it this way as well. Having a glass door as one of these entry points poses a threat to your safety, as they offer a direct view into the inside of your home. Consider adding a second layer to obstruct this view.

Vertical blinds are a good investment to go along with your sliding door, because many of them slide alongside your doors track and be opened and closed as needed. Simply closing your blinds at night or whenever you aren’t home creates a barrier between an intruder and the inside of your house. There is also an added sense of privacy being able to choose when outsiders can peek into your home.

Install a second lock

In addition to your standard door lock that is located near the handle of the door, consider adding a secondary lock located at the top of your door. This is helpful for keeping children from being able to unlock the door since it is located higher up than the normal lock. These locks can also be adjusted to keep your door locked while propped open, if you want to let in some fresh air.

Another option would be to add a security bar or foot lock installed on one some of the door frame and lowered in place to lock. It’s as simple as a wood dowl cut to the size of your door or fairly inexpensive security bar kits are available at local home improvement stores.

Extra security precautions

Some options for added security on any entry point of your home include installing an electronic alarm system or security cameras. Both of these options are a great way to have more control over the security of your home and keep your family members safe.

Security cameras won’t destroy your bank account either. Many camera systems, such as Blink, are less than $200, and well worth the price. Security systems can mean the difference between a burglar entering, and a burglar being scared off by a motion-activated camera recording any attempted break-in.

Install a quality-made sliding door

It may seem obvious, however making sure your sliding door fits the space and is made from quality materials is a basic barrier to break-ins. Doors that fail to close properly because they have broken parts or because they are misaligned are more apt to be left unsecured and open to security breaches.

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