Sidelight Window Replacement

Sidelight Window Replacement

Thinking about replacing your sidelight window? You’ve come to the right place! Explore the top tips and ideas for sidelight window replacement in this handy guide from Thompson Creek.

What Are Sidelight Windows?

Sidelight windows are the vertical windows found on each side of your door. The sidelights that Thompson Creek sell are part of the entry door frame. At Thompson Creek, when a customer requests a front door side window replacement, we usually don’t just replace the sidelight. Instead, we install a new door that contains the sidelight in the frame. This upgrade can significantly impact the overall curb appeal and natural lighting of your home.

What Are Some Popular Sidelight Styles?

As you consider sidelight window replacement, you’ll find there are options for every budget and decor preference. This is true whether you opt for standalone sidelight replacement or choose a new front door along with your sidelights.

Here are some potential sidelight options:

  • Craftsman sidelights: Perfect for homeowners who appreciate symmetrical lines and classical styles
  • Partial sidelights: Great for a hint of light, these come in 1/2 or 3/4 cuts and do not stretch from the top to the bottom of your door
  • Single sidelight: Often found in condos or apartments, this rectangle-shaped window helps brighten a small space
  • Full sidelights: These are often placed on each side of the door, from top to bottom, and provide maximum lighting and balance

When requesting a new entry door along with front door side window replacement, we have many colors and finishes available, from rich earth tones to natural wood stains. You can also explore different hardware options, including handles, locks, and custom glass hardware.

How Do You Know it’s Time for Sidelight Window Replacement?

There are no specific timeline recommendations for sidelight window replacement. Many homeowners decide to upgrade during home renovations or before listing their house for sale.

However, there are some signs that you can’t postpone sidelight window replacement for much longer. Watch out for these issues:

  • Cracked or chipped glass: Over time, the crack or chip can grow, and your window may completely shatter
  • Scratched glass: Though not as concerning as a deep crack, scratches can weaken glass over time
  • A warped or rotted frame: As age-related wear and tear worsens, your frame may break because it can no longer support the sidelights
  • A draft or excess heat: Your window should let light inside while still protecting you from extreme temperatures; check for damage if it’s warmer or cooler than usual by your door

Inspect your sidelight windows at least once a season, and check for signs of damage or decay. This can help you plan for front door side window replacement before the damage becomes severe. Nobody wants a shattered sidelight!

Upgrade Your Sidelights With Help From Thompson Creek

Choosing the perfect sidelights for your home can get confusing, especially if you have HOA requirements to meet. Thompson Creek can help you select custom windows that reflect your personal style while meeting community guidelines.

We understand you may have questions about the price of materials or labor before you consider sidelight upgrades. Contact us for a complimentary estimate, whether you want a new door with sidelight windows or have other home improvement needs, such as roofing or siding.