Six Steps to Replacing Your Sliding Patio Door

Six Steps to Replacing Your Sliding Patio Door

Looking for a new sliding patio door? Check out our blog for a deep dive into the patio door replacement process with Thompson Creek, with detailed information on how patio doors are replaced by our contractors. 

The process of replacing your patio door may seem like a huge burden, but with the right technician and our step-by-step guide, it may be easier and more hassle-free than you’d think. There are many benefits to having a patio door, including additional natural light, comfort and even an increase in your home’s resale value. Whether you’re replacing an existing patio door or looking to install one, Thompson Creek experts are here to help every step of the way. We’ve broken down the process into six easy steps: 

Determining why you are replacing your sliding patio door 

Most homeowners decide to replace their sliding patio door for these main reasons: 

  • The sliding patio door is damaged by the elements 
  • The sliding patio door tracks are bent 
  • The sliding patio door is not energy efficient 
  • The sliding patio door does not provide security 
  • The sliding patio door placement or size is being altered 

Select a sliding patio door material

There is an array of options to choose from when it comes to sliding patio doors. To narrow it down, sliding door are mostly commonly constructed using two main materials: fiberglass, and wood. At Thompson creek, we recommend vinyl over wood. Wood sliding doors require more maintenance and are less energy efficient.  

     Choose additions to your patio door project 

Homeowners can choose to add sidelights, transoms and grids to the doors. 

     Select hardware for your patio door  

Often times the sliding patio door hardware matches other door hardware throughout the home. Common choices include brass, antique brass and brushed chrome. Browse our selection of patio doors and color options on our website 

     Expertly measure

An expert will come to take measurements, and help you decide on the right material and fit for your home.  All of our products come with a No Hassle Warranty up to 50-years warranty. Our patio doors are custom built for optimal energy efficiency, leaving your home less drafty and saving you on your energy bills.  

     Installing Sliding Patio Doors  

Once you’ve chosen your perfect sliding door, you’re ready to install! Call a Thompson Creek expert to get a free estimate. Installation can take as little as three hours, without compromising our standard of precision and professionalism. It’s a good idea to deactivate any alarm system you might have connected to your patio door prior to the work. Remember to reinstall the alarm on the new door for maximum security.  

Who does your sliding patio door installation matters. It’s essential to use only the top-quality materials to prevent cracking and erosion due to UV rays. Thompson Creek only uses high grade tools and materials to be sure your patio door is built to last. And it’s important your sliding patio doors are made to fit perfectly so the doors aren’t compromised and neither is your home’s safety. 

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